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Monday, January 31, 2011

Creamy Pen

I have got this unique item from S&J shop. S&J is a gift shop that provides so many choices of gifts. I love to shop here because the items are really cute, unique and sometimes elegance. Those items come with very reasonable price.

How unique is their product? One of them is this creamy pen. It looks like a cream tube but it is actually a pen!



Very interesting right?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Replica Petronas Twin Towers dalam game Restaurant City

By finishing Nasi Lemak’s recipe, the gamers will get a Petronas Towers Replica for their restaurant. I am proud to be Malaysian – although it’s just a game.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Skin Problem Recovered

From the day I arrived in my lovely country, the weather is just fine – not extremely hot, gloomy, rainy. During the second week here, the weather is turning into very hot. I feel like the sunshine is ‘killing’ my skin. Until one day after a very hot afternoon, I realized my chin’s skin has some small tiny dotted texture. The dotted has spread all over my face through the night. I feel really bad and sad. Why Why Why?!!! I can’t wait until tomorrow morning to go for check-up.

Next morning, I went to an Islamic clinic in Bandar Baru Bangi. There were soooo many patient that morning.  Thank God I bring along my sudoku's book. Then I meet the doctor, explained my condition, she said don’t worry, it is the side effect of exposure to cold-dry weather before. I will be recovered within 2 weeks. During this period, I have to avoid any kind of chemical product. She gave me a small box of non-chemical cream, Aqurious (if I am not mistaken). This cream works very effective. Alhamdulillah my skin has recovered during less than 2 weeks. I applied the cream every time after I cleaned my face. I only use Johnson’s baby talc for my face. Frankly to say, I felt very low self confident to appear in the public without make-up + skin problem. Day by day, my skin has shown some improvements. I feel very comfortable, and simple for going out just with very light talc on my face. During this period, I took care of my foods. I only eat 'makanan-selera-kampung' especially ulam. And of course, back to HIM - I asked for Allah’s help to cure this problem. I believe. :)

B0201 B0202

Correction:13 Jan 2011
The worst day :(

B0203 B0204

Getting better


Friday, January 28, 2011

Waktu Solat Online di Malaysia

Posting khas sempena Hari Jumaat.
Assalamualaikum 3ters (panggilan kepada pembaca blog ni. sebutannya three-ters), sempena hari Jumaat yang indah lagi mendamaikan ni, I would like to share a website rasmi utk menyemak waktu solat di mana2 negeri dalam Malaysia (by JAKIM).


For Muslim tourist that wish to come to Malaysia, you can refer to this website to check the prayer time at any location in Malaysia.


This webpage gives you a few options to display the prayer time; day, week, month, year.
(link: http://www.e-solat.gov.my/state.php?userid=&Mode=1&EOnline=&STATE=SELANGOR%20DAN%20WILAYAH%20PERSEKUTUAN&LG=EN)

Result for ‘One day’ option

Dah ada info macam ni, senang la nak rancang perjalanan or aktiviti harian.

Benefits of Tofu (Khasiat Tauhu)

Since I LOVE to eat tofu recently, I have made some ‘homework’ to find the benefits of tofu.

Description: Tofu is made out of steamed and compressed soya beans.

The benefits are quite similar with the benefits of soya beans.
  • High protein (more than meat)
  • Cholesterol free
  • Prevent cancer (woman and man)
  • Absorb cooking fat easily
  • Reduce bad cholesterol – prevent heart disease
  • Good source of calcium – prevent osteoporosis
  • Good for digestion
Notes: How good the food is, there is still a limitation. Balanced diet is the best practice for a healthy life.
The many healthy benefits of tofu, Benefits of Tofu, Benefits of Eating Tofu

Thursday, January 27, 2011

An Approach to Safe our Planet by McD

Last weekend, I went to McD drive-thru to get myself A food for lunch. After ordered and paid, I drove to the pick-up counter. I was excited because I saw the waiter is holding a paper bag (instead of plastic bag) – I love to collect this kind of bag. Here is the bag.


I think this is a good starting approach to reduce the use of plastic bag. We can’t change our ‘habit’ for not using plastic bag immediately because we are human, we need time to change and plus some of our purchase need to use plastic based (e.g. wet product, nasi campur). As long as we are changing our lifestyle by reducing the use of plastic bag day by day, it is a good effort.

I'm practicing myself to bring my own bag when I go to the mall. But sometimes I left it at home. :(

Slurpee Tutti Frutti is Back!!!!!!

This flavor was the first of Slurpee’s flavor that I tasted – Form 5, Secondary school. It’s hard to find this flavor nowadays because 7Eleven has came out with some various flavors such as orange tangerine, mango bla3… I couldn’t remember those ‘cool’ names.

Tonight, I was like a little kids when I saw this flavor… “OMG… It’s tutti fruitti!!!!”. During I was a school kids and uni-teenagers, I was able to finished it in Giant size cup. But now,  I only pick the smallest cup. But that is enough to ‘cure’ my kerinduan for this drink.


A day after...

another Slurpee on board

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tauhu Bakar

I have found a new favorite cuisine – tauhu bakar. I usually bought this food from SOHO Seafood, Bandar Baru Bangi, 1km from Kajang PLUS exit. I love the taste of the tauhu, cucumber, and they put a lot of nuts with kuah rojak.

Bon Appétit!



Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Japanese Green Tea

Last few days I went to a shopping mall and suddenly I was thinking about green tea. I went to a shop to get a box of it. The first time I drink this tea was during a workshop held in Penang last year if I am not mistaken. That was the first time I drink green tea and I have fallen in love with the taste.


Based on the label (biggest font written in japanese), this tea leaves’ type is Sencha (煎茶?, decocted tea). This is the typical type of Japanese green tea.

Why green tea and not black tea??
Let me share with you the health effects of this type of tea (summarized from wikipedia).
  1. Antioxidant – more than black tea
  2. reduce heart disease – by reducing cholesterol
  3. prevent dental cavities – one of the reason is because we drink green tea without sugar
  4. prevent kidney stones
  5. prevent cancer
  6. Improving urinary and brain function
  7. eliminating indigestion
  8. preventing fatigue
  9. reduce weight
Suggestion: 4 cups of green tea per day, hot, without sugar

source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_tea

Monday, January 24, 2011

New Blog Background

Last night I have inspired from out of no where. I came out with thethicktalk’s logo


Cold Storage: Favorite Shop to get Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

I love to eat fruit – including cherry tomato. I have found the ‘x-factor’ of this shop last year because it’s hard to find fresh cherry tomato around Bangi or Putrajaya.



This is the ‘must buy’ product for every week.


kebetulan… hari tu ada processed nangka or jackfruit. Very sweet!
For a un-married person like me, I love to get fruit or stuffs like this because of the ease and this is the amount that I suppose to take. But this is not suitable for big family for example because the price is higher than you buy a whole jackfruit and cut by yourself.
Another reason that I love to buy goods from Cold Storage is……

… they always come out with beautiful recyclable beg that comes with very reasonable price..


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yves Rocher Alamanda

Yves Rocher has opened a new branch – Alamanda Putrajaya. Since this is a new opening shop, the salesgirls are very friendly and helpful – same like in France. *thumbs up*

I look at the window and there are some promotion pack for perfume – I will drag my brother to come here soon. I get something for myself and be a member of Yves Rocher (my goal actually).

The lipstick from this brand is VERY GOOD!!! Its really moisturize my lips. This is a 'worth-it' product to get.


Smile… Smile… Smile…
“Rewarding myself”


Here is the lifetime membership card.
P.s.: I believe my brother will smack his forehead after reading this post. Don’t worry, your Credit Card is still ‘clean’.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

‘Good’ Perfume Consultant

Below are the conversations between me and my brother.

Scene #:1

Time: Friday night

Venue: MSN chat windows


Me: Wei2… Yves Rocher ada sale.

Brother: Tak kot.

Me: Perfume’s promotion. Siap dpt miniature lg.

Brother: Huh... brand mana?

Me: The same brand from France.


Scene #:2

Time: Saturday afternoon

Venue: Yves Rocher Alamanda


Me: Hye. Today I nak beli perfume set yg tgh sale tu (sambil straight to men’s perfume area)

… wondering why is the price is double pulak…

Salesgirl: That one is for cologne - For Her

Me: Gulp. Then yang ada miniature ni berapa? Can I smell it again?

… I smelled 3 perfumes …

Me: How much will the single perfume cost?

… Calling my brother …

Me: Wei, yg ada miniature tu is cost RM 1 more than without miniature.

Brother: NVM just get with miniature.

… Hang-up and keep on smelling …

Me: This one (without miniature) smells good. I will take this one.


Scene #:3

Time: after shopping

Venue: Inside kereta biru


Brother: Mana perfume?

Me: This. (while taking out from my handbag) – NO PLASTIC BAG DAY

Brother: Where is the miniature?

Me: Owh miniature tu is another set. This one is single and no promotion. The smell is much better than the one with miniature (without any guilty feeling for wrong information)

… I am letting him smells the samples on paper …

Brother: Hmm… wangi but I couldn’t differentiate them


Moral of the story:

  • Need to prepare some extra budget OR just say NO to the goods
  • Make sure check the type of perfume is for HIM or for HER
  • Don’t get over excited while shopping because you will missed the important point/term

Dik Cerdas Volume 1

Dik Cerdas Volume 1 has been spotted at one of the magazine shop in Alamanda, Putrajaya!!! Those who’s peminat fanatik Crayon Shin Chan and missed to get this comic before, you can still get it now!!! – need to keep up to date with magazine shop! I believe from now on they will re-sell the previous volume starting from Volume 1 onwards. I can’t wait to get more shin chan’s comic!!!


Okay.. I took 1 from here. There are plenty left for you.


Friday, January 21, 2011


Dengan ini, I am rewarding myself an



completing XXXXXX XXXX 2


walaupun dikala hujan lebat


… Icekimo vanila tetap menjadi idaman

p.s: wahai kakak penyedia icekimo, next time tolong jangan kepal2 kan mcm ice kacang. keras betoi! the beauty of icekimo adalah pada ice yg di parut tu.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Glasses for My Eyes

Finally I have decided to make a new glasses because I wasn’t able recognize people anymore. After I have done with my surveys, I went to Menara Optometry, near to Warta/Bintang Bandar Baru Bangi. Their service is superb and the staffs are very kind and helpful.
Since I need to save some of the budget, I just pick the ‘student price’ promotion which the price displayed is including the ‘kanta’ (malas nak pakai translator).
I took quite a longer time to decide which frame suits to my face.


Matching dengan tudung


Macam cikgu skolah


… going to be considered


thin frame… – same as my ‘late’ glasses


not bad…


“Owh cucu, nenek tak nampak…” – definitely NOT!!!
Since I went to the shop during Saturday, I can pick up my glasses on Monday.

FYI, my power has been increased. T_T

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dinner with Tempe-Girls

I spent my night with a few girls which used to be my student – they are now my friends! Tonight is such a great night because they makes me recall those memories during my ‘bachelor’ time – except now I am no longer have to sit for any tests nor quizzes :P
We went to Nim’s Little Island located at Sungai Ramal Dalam, Kajang. I just figured out a new menu – tempe goreng. It’s really crunchy and taste good. Those who loves tempe should come here and taste it!


Thanks girls for inviting me to join the dinner.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Unexpected Gift on My Table

Di pagi yang tak hening dan cuaca yang panas pada minggu ke dua di tanah air tercinta, I went to my lab (oooo cuaca panas.. patut la kulit muka tak tahan). And suddenly I found there is an envelop on my table. There is a badge and notes inside it. Its from my friend and also my lab mate, Nadhirah a.k.a nadh. It is really unexpected.


Thank you nad. I hope we can meet during our geng’s gathering. Sorry for everything too. All the best in everything that you do. Take care sis.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Shopping: High Heels

Dear shopaholic no matter what is your gender, today, SUNDAY 16 January 2011 is the final day of SALE specially for Padini members at all PADINI Holdings’ outlet (VINCCI, PDI, PADINI, SEED, MIKI, P&Co). Yesterday, I went to Alamanda to see is there any interesting item on sale by VINCCI’s shop.


And yeah, the sale is from 20% up to 50% off (for PADINI members only). I tried to find myself a pair of high heels.

My first choice… but the color that i have chosen is blue jeans color – no size. The sales girl gave me the brown one.



My second choice.. more ‘berani’



The last one… it looks good and really cute before I wear it…


but then… looks not good on me.
Try… walk… try… babbling… walk…
Finally… I have made my decision.


But wait a minute… I need sun glasses.
With only one try, this design suits me and I love it!


It’s time to pay… heeeee


Owh ya, it was really surprising when I went to Alamanda and there are sooooo many empty parking spaces.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Best Eye Glasses Frame for ROUND Face Shape

“You have a large curved forehead and rounded chin of approximately the same size. ”  

Picture zaman degree and my first glasses – I misplaced it
I am doing my research tonight because I want to get myself a pair of glasses since my old one has broken.
Thank you to these 2 websites that provide me such a very good information on how to select the best frame that suits to face shape;
  1. http://www.textileglobal.com/2010/08/the-best-eye-glasses-for-your-face-shape.html
  2. http://www.moscot.com/glasses_frames.html
Link 1 provides some information on brief description about face shape and suggestion for each of face type. It uses Hollywood celebrity as their example for face type and picture.
Link 2 provides the information on to decide what is your face shape, suggestion for the type of frame, size of the frame, and color.
Since I’m finding information related to myself, I will only share some of the information that related – Round face shape.
Suggestion in selection;
  • Frame shape: square or angular
  • Frame size: eyes should be well centered – balanced left and right width
  • Thin metal frame
  • Color: classic deep color
  • Round frame
Today, I will try to get one.

Big Cleaning Night for My Room

Since this room has been left for 2 months, of course the floor and desk are coated with dust. Although I feel really tired after travelling from Penang, I have to cleanup the room before I sleep.


Jeng Jeng Jeng… Kerja Pembersihan bermula


Kerja2 pembersihan ala-ala org jepun pun dimulakan - pakai kain buruk, lap lantai guna tangan