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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Japanese Green Tea

Last few days I went to a shopping mall and suddenly I was thinking about green tea. I went to a shop to get a box of it. The first time I drink this tea was during a workshop held in Penang last year if I am not mistaken. That was the first time I drink green tea and I have fallen in love with the taste.


Based on the label (biggest font written in japanese), this tea leaves’ type is Sencha (煎茶?, decocted tea). This is the typical type of Japanese green tea.

Why green tea and not black tea??
Let me share with you the health effects of this type of tea (summarized from wikipedia).
  1. Antioxidant – more than black tea
  2. reduce heart disease – by reducing cholesterol
  3. prevent dental cavities – one of the reason is because we drink green tea without sugar
  4. prevent kidney stones
  5. prevent cancer
  6. Improving urinary and brain function
  7. eliminating indigestion
  8. preventing fatigue
  9. reduce weight
Suggestion: 4 cups of green tea per day, hot, without sugar

source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_tea

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