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Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year from Abu Dhabi International Airport

5 hours of transit time when you are travelling alone isn’t so cool. I’m very afraid if i fall asleep. Sigh. So to keep me awake and accompany me while playing Sudoku, I spent my time at Costa Coffee sambil pekena hot cappuccino sebesar mangkuk sup yang berharga 4e. Murah je! (jika income dlm euro)
While lepaking here, I meet this one lovely family. We share the same table since the coffee house is full house. Owh ya, they are travelling back to Washington D.C from Abu Dhabi. The wife is Chinese, her husband is american (i think). They have two lovely children; 1 son, 1 daughter. They looks really well educated family. What I like about them is they are so humble or modest and kind and nice although I can see or determine that they are rich people. It was a great time that I spent with them. While I playing sudoku, I heard they speaking to each other. I feel like I am watching a movie… American movie. The mommy is so lovely. She speaks really polite, and nice. I like the way of her husband teach their kids, very caring. :) I still remember their daughter’s name, Sofia. She is just 6 years old but she looks really intelligent and she can speak French. She went into private classes just to learn French Language. Why I keep on saying they are humble? I still remember one part when they about to leave (1hr 10min before their depart time), their son asked his daddy why do they have to be in the plane early because he loves to stay outside of the plane. The daddy replied,”Because we have kids”. Do you know what is the actual situation? Because they are in first or business class. They can get into the flight earlier than economy class. What ever it is… it was a really nice experience to meet this family.

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