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Thursday, January 27, 2011

An Approach to Safe our Planet by McD

Last weekend, I went to McD drive-thru to get myself A food for lunch. After ordered and paid, I drove to the pick-up counter. I was excited because I saw the waiter is holding a paper bag (instead of plastic bag) – I love to collect this kind of bag. Here is the bag.


I think this is a good starting approach to reduce the use of plastic bag. We can’t change our ‘habit’ for not using plastic bag immediately because we are human, we need time to change and plus some of our purchase need to use plastic based (e.g. wet product, nasi campur). As long as we are changing our lifestyle by reducing the use of plastic bag day by day, it is a good effort.

I'm practicing myself to bring my own bag when I go to the mall. But sometimes I left it at home. :(

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