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Saturday, January 22, 2011

‘Good’ Perfume Consultant

Below are the conversations between me and my brother.

Scene #:1

Time: Friday night

Venue: MSN chat windows


Me: Wei2… Yves Rocher ada sale.

Brother: Tak kot.

Me: Perfume’s promotion. Siap dpt miniature lg.

Brother: Huh... brand mana?

Me: The same brand from France.


Scene #:2

Time: Saturday afternoon

Venue: Yves Rocher Alamanda


Me: Hye. Today I nak beli perfume set yg tgh sale tu (sambil straight to men’s perfume area)

… wondering why is the price is double pulak…

Salesgirl: That one is for cologne - For Her

Me: Gulp. Then yang ada miniature ni berapa? Can I smell it again?

… I smelled 3 perfumes …

Me: How much will the single perfume cost?

… Calling my brother …

Me: Wei, yg ada miniature tu is cost RM 1 more than without miniature.

Brother: NVM just get with miniature.

… Hang-up and keep on smelling …

Me: This one (without miniature) smells good. I will take this one.


Scene #:3

Time: after shopping

Venue: Inside kereta biru


Brother: Mana perfume?

Me: This. (while taking out from my handbag) – NO PLASTIC BAG DAY

Brother: Where is the miniature?

Me: Owh miniature tu is another set. This one is single and no promotion. The smell is much better than the one with miniature (without any guilty feeling for wrong information)

… I am letting him smells the samples on paper …

Brother: Hmm… wangi but I couldn’t differentiate them


Moral of the story:

  • Need to prepare some extra budget OR just say NO to the goods
  • Make sure check the type of perfume is for HIM or for HER
  • Don’t get over excited while shopping because you will missed the important point/term

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