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Sunday, October 10, 2010

ISO setting for phone/digital camera

ISO... maybe you have seen this thing but you don't bother what it is. Before I start telling the use of ISO setting on your camera, let me starts with what thing that leads me to this information.

I am planning to buy a new compact digital camera. Which the common digital cameras that I used to see are usually lack quality during low light scene. This is the most problem that I have seen when I have night event. Don't talk about DSLR here.. it is for sure very good in this situation. Again.. I am talking about compact digital camera. So.. during my searching, I have found this information about ISO. This setting can be usually seen on digital camera and also some of mobile phone. I am currently using HTC phone and its camera has this setting. That is why I wanted to know what is the function of ISO setting.

Okay. Back to our topic. ISO is a camera's function that set's the sensitivity of the camera's image sensor. In a simple word, it is related to the brightness or light during capturing. The lower number of ISO means lower light and it leads to lower noise. So the result of your image will be a little bit darker than the photo with higher ISO.

Below are some tips for ISO setting (source):
  1. ISO 100 - 200: sunny conditions
  2. ISO 400 - 800: overcast or it is evening time
  3. ISO up to 1600: night time or in cases of low light you might need to set your digital camera ISO to 1600. If you don't then your photo will appear too dark if at all.
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  2. OOOO... ingatkan setting ISO tu digunakan masa nak burn OS image kepada CD/DVD jer...

    Thanks for sharing.