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Sunday, September 23, 2012

My personal walk in "wardrobe"

Impian hati untuk memiliki build in wardrobe sebenarnya. Belum sampai rezeki lagi untuk ke tahap tu. End up I chose to get this very affordable hanger from IKEA.

Our (with my brother) first trial adalah sangat mengecewakan. Penyidai yang diidamkan sold out! 

A month later, we try our luck again. Lucky us, they have just restocked it! We've got ourselves 6 hangers (without even thinking how to carry it). The feeling is like nampak makanan atas tray masa buffet Ramadhan. 
All for me... ALL!

The concept of shopping in IKEA is cash and carry (except for furniture). This hanger requires just a little of time spent to join each of components/parts. Even a lady can do it!

Some important info if you want to go to IKEA. Their business hour!!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tips Hilangkan Bau Hanyir Makanan Laut (Seafood)

Hye akak2, abg2, adik2 yang nak cari tips cara hilangkan bau hanyir apabila masak makanan laut. Tips ni di inherit daripada my mum. 

Selalu kita basuh/bersihkan dengan garam dan asam keping. Those are very common lah kan utk bersihkan ikan. Before this I have been using asam keping + garam + daun serai untuk hilangkan hanyir makanan laut. But still, kadang2 tak ada serai kat rumah ni.

Another alternative way to bersihkan makanan laut dan hilangkan hanyir adalah dengan 
garam + asam keping + gula

Jadi lepas ni boleh la eh sediakan makanan laut yang sedap tanpa bau hanyir.
Selamat memasak!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Flat Shoes from SANTA

This is an ‘alien’ thing for me. I don’t really like flat shoes… or even sandals. Most of them melecetkan kaki and not that comfortable bila berjalan.

I love high-heels so much (no doubt) until one point where I realized… dah tak ada nafsu nak beli high heels. So I was thinking about flats. Flat sandal is totally out since before this I used to get myself a flat sandal but baru pakai 2 weeks dah putus sebab; selalu kene air and bila berjalan selalu terkepak kat tengah2 tu <—or bila pakai flat memang kene jalan seret2??? :/ Another reason that i dislike flats sebab… kalau hujan, kaki akan basah. If pakai platform high heels, you can walk just like not raining.

Ok… done with my bad perception about high heels.

The perceptions are still remain the same until one day, I hang out with my brother. We went to Sunway Pyramid. On that very sunny day, I told him I want to find a flat shoes. No more high heels for this time. We go round and round. Then I have found this one shop.. near to the escalator, SANTA. I was just looking around. Then I saw this one flat shoes. The design is unique. The color is pretty (black, brown, peach). I asked for the largest size (usually not that large for me). The sales girl came with the size 40.


At the moment when I tried, I can feel the good chemistry between me n this flats. The platform (tapak depan – I dont know what to call it) is quite thick and soft. Which is good. Because I prevents me daripada rasa direct contact between tulang kaki and lantai. When I walk, I can feel the shoe’s walking together with me. This is incredible!

Then I starts looking into the quality – stitch, glue, and material. Everything was nicely done! The one that attracts me some more is the ‘girly’ details at the shoe soles (I have just google translated “tapak kasut) . I’ve never seen something like this.


Now, I have been using this shoe for about 3 months. The condition is still good, very well, and value for money. And it didnt kills my legs.


For the flat shoes lover, you should try to get one from this shop. For the flat haters, you can now reduce your hate by using this flat shoes.

Some how, there is one thing that flat shoes cannot beat high-heels… help us to increase our height.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jamuan Raya COIT 2012

Selamat hari raya aidilfitri to all Muslims. My bad lama sangat dah tak update blog. I am still adjusting my routine and time untuk berblog sejak keje ni. How’s your raya? Kejap je rasa sebulan syawal ni. Now dah masuk bulan Zulkaedah. Open houses? This year tak banyak sangat for me since I am still new here. But ada la a few. Most of my weekend hanya untuk rehat. Plus my universiti baru habis final exam last week. Phew. Later on I will share the story pasal my first course untuk semester ni.


Here is my picture together with my colleagues (a part of it) and the dean.

This is my 3rd time kot celebrate raya with COIT (as staff). Previous years lebih meriah sebab majority boleh datang. For this time,not many of us managed to attend the event due to outstation + final exam invigilation is on going. All in our head was marking marking and marking the answer scripts.

I left my camera at home! (Credit all pictures untuk my college) So I didnt managed to capture what do we have on that makan-makan day. Never mind, I will list out:

  1. Nasi tomato ayam merah
  2. bihun/mee sup (i took the sambal kicap and kacang a lot!)
  3. Mee kari seafood (yummieh… I love this one)
  4. Lemang with rendang (dah tak larat nak makan masa tu. Now sgt3 teringin!)
  5. Koktail mixed fruit (tak sempat rasa. But I am pretty sure its yummy since out of stock cepat!)
  6. Cakes… I love cakes! My favorita red velvet and choc cheese if im not mistaken.


Isnt the strawberry looks yummy?


We are not doing the gangnam style. We are just exercising our hands yang bertungkus lumus untuk preparation for the majlis. *denial*


Here here Here. Can you see the decoration at the back? It’s made by Mr. TJ, our taiko (grey baju melayu in the previous picture). I love it.