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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yves Rocher Alamanda

Yves Rocher has opened a new branch – Alamanda Putrajaya. Since this is a new opening shop, the salesgirls are very friendly and helpful – same like in France. *thumbs up*

I look at the window and there are some promotion pack for perfume – I will drag my brother to come here soon. I get something for myself and be a member of Yves Rocher (my goal actually).

The lipstick from this brand is VERY GOOD!!! Its really moisturize my lips. This is a 'worth-it' product to get.


Smile… Smile… Smile…
“Rewarding myself”


Here is the lifetime membership card.
P.s.: I believe my brother will smack his forehead after reading this post. Don’t worry, your Credit Card is still ‘clean’.

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