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Monday, May 30, 2011

Meet the director….

… ini bukan director drama atau muvie, tapi....
Ingat lagi tak my previous post pasal I went to KL naik Firefly? That journey is for attending a workshop organized by one of the Kementerian. During that duration, I have meet various types of people that are running variety types of business. One of them is this young man…

Mr. Fadzmel

He is one of the director of a company that own www.discountdeal.com.my.
I have one sentence to describe him,
“Good looking with brain”
So if you guyz are looking for some great deals (discount coupon etc.), I am strongly suggesting u to register as their member (its FREE!)
Here is the example of the deal yg dorg offer

50% off for 2 hours of spa package
Isn’t it sounds great?! But too bad the location is in Ampang. =(

Mel, in the future if u guyz ada offer utk spa, or baju2 (sekitar Seberang Perai, Penang) … don’t forget to notify me okay!

P.s.: if u happen to meet Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza (again), ajak la I skali
*muke seposen*

Sunday, May 29, 2011

1st Experience terbang with FireFly

Last 2 weeks I have received a call offering me to join a workshop (by ministry) that is going to be held for a week at one of the hotel in Klang. I accept it! Then I have to think how will I go to KL? Driving alone? Definitely NOT! Finally I have decided to take jalan udara.

I choose FireFly sebab:

Penerbangan tambang murah (save some money while can!)

Lokasi mendarat di Subang airport

I have to travel alone

Sunday afternoon…

I drive to Penang airport sambil ditemani oleh my parents. (I have never experienced driving to this place! Now I have once.) Alhamdulillah selamat sampai jugak ke airport ni. This airport is under renovation. So, sila lah sabar bila kene berjalan jauh n tgh panas.



Since this is my 1st time nk depart dr airport ni… we’re just follow the signboard of “DEPARTURE” which there is actually another path to go to departure.


we have walked quite far (me with wedges from ++ Current Collection)

Finally sampai jugak la ke Check-in counter.



Sebelum check-in, you must scan your luggage (excluded hand carry)


Check your flight check-in counter number. Is it ready to check-in?



Its 25. Que here!


FYI… this board is telling you barang2 apa yg bole dibawak naik/hand carry.


This is boarding pass. This ‘receipt’ is reminding me of KFC. *nyam nyam*

Another 1st experience is coming along…


Jalan ke kapal terbang mcm ni. Where is my flight?


There… There!


Clean environment. I love it!


Utk Firefly, butang di atas ini bukan camera. Tetapi saluran air-cond. sila pusing utk rasa air-cond.

Its time to take-off!!! <—I love this part A LOT!!!!!!!

Here are some nice views utk cuci mata




Makan time.

Guava and… something like cake.


Its so fluffy!





Bila mata ttbe layu…, ”sila pakai tali pinggang anda…….”






an hour after take-off… Alhamdulillah. safely arrived.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Half Palm Size of Laptop.....

... maybe the better description is palmtop.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Selamat Hari Ibu 2011

Setiap hari adalah hari untuk menghargai IBU dan bapa. Since everyone sibuk wishing hari ibu here and there, I dont want my mum to feel ketinggalan or dipinggirkan. Due to that, I have decided to wish her

Happy Mother’s Day!

But I want her to know that everyday adalah hari IBU! Not just this 8th May. I love you a lot Mak (I always call her (kalu time joke) UMANYAk <—cara orang Banjar).

Mak, thanks for raising me up and taking care of me until this second. No wonder Allah asked us to respect and loves mother. You have carried such a huge responsibility. The result is as you can see… how is your kids, BAE (my brother) and me. I am so glad you’ve teach and became a role model for me in human interaction, and cooking.

Wanita Hari Ini 2011 - Ep 90 (Hari Ibu) copy

Wanita Hari Ini Ep 90 – Sambutan Hari Ibu 2011

Credit to: www.tonton.com.my

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When a Guy Went for Shopping……..

Lelaki jarang2 shopping. But when they shop, they will ensure the item is

“I do really need this”


“Worth it!”


So… we went to PADINI Authentic outlet (it was happening during the same day as when I shopped for ++ Current Collection ).


Here is my brother with ‘something’ on his hand.

Then we’ve made a crazy survey between these 2 shops, Maxis and Digi, with additional 2 shops, Switch and Celcom.

I believe you can guess what is he’s going to buy…



What kind of gadget?

(okay im so sleepy right now so im just going to tell you the answer)

Answer: iPhone 4 (Black)

With a great deal, price, and explanation from Digi, we‘ve finally decided to get this APPLE… hey APPLE product from them.








B0370 = B0371








He is working so hard, day and night, why should I stop him from buying a reward for himself?



I have tested the camera.

1 word for it, “Greatest!” . It is APPLE. Duhhhh Shakirah~ =.=’

I love one of the game, Talking Tom (also available for Android. None for Windows, BOOOOO~~! :( <—mine )

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

++ Current Collection

Last weekend, my brother went back from KL. We spent our time together to hangout and get some stuffs because PADINI has sent me a notification regarding SALE during that weekend for their members.


VINCCI is one of the outlet under PADINI’s brand. If you noticed, VINCCI outlet is currently my favorite heels’ shop. Their great items come together with the great and affordable price.


My eyes were freeze at these 3 heels. They looks really comfy and kind of sexy.


Another thing that I like about this heels (or wedges <—betul ke eja ha??) is the pattern kat sisi ni. It looks not that plain not that meriah.

I tried another one


It looks really elegance, random, formal, and unique style. For me, this pattern is more suitable for professional-office environment.

Comfortable? YES IT IS!

Due to that, my brother has bought me my first choice.


Thank you my brother.