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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I wish...

... to share some simple makeup tips with u all my beloved 3ters.

InshaAllah I will try to spare some times utk demo and share the tools, products and steps here. 

Till then, take care. I will come back soon.



Monday, June 20, 2011

Me jadi Model? HAHAHAHA

Hye Mia, Mina, Danish, and baby Wafia.

This is a special greeting for my cousins a.k.a follower setia blog ni.


Thanks to Mia sebab she’s planning untuk buat something like review or karangan kot utk her school’s work <—this is the reason why my digital album dibuka semula. The work is more about a person yg admire/idola and why. She chose me. Thank you very much Mia.

In order to help her, I need to share some of the pictures related to my achievement. Masa tengah searching tu, I have found these pictures













Another one is a poster in LRT

Dulu I was too obsessed dengan popularity. Nak jadi model la nak jadi host TV la <—tapi a few years ago penah chubby so hasrat yang membara tu pon dah padam da. But… Thank you to Dr Siti yang suggested me to be one of the representatives to represent our university, UNITEN.

I still remember masa proses saringan, ada about 20 students yang tau, reg, and went there. Me? I was having my ASP.NET training at my college and tibe2 ada lec cakap the dean has requested one person to represent our college.

With the ad-hock calling, can u imagine what I was wearing during that time and then masa saringan tu?


Selendang + T-shirt Program Anak Angkat UNITEN + Jeans + Sport Shoes (sebab college kitorg tu Kutub Utara) + nude face


while others are wearing suits, baju kurung, kebaya. OMG… I was the most selekeh person there! >.<



*snap here and there*

(What happened to my training session? Sorry Sir, I went to the toilet) <– kids, this is applicable only pada masa kecemasan



One day i received a call

Me = selected

*shock + happy*

This is something like a dream come true.



Session 1: Blazer

next following weeks i received another call for the 2nd session:

Session 2: Server room



my 1st experience ever masuk ke bilik server. Happy (or in precise words JAKUN). Can u imagine I am just a student and ada peluang masuk ke bilik server <—mcm budak2 dapat g zoo negara!

Tibe2 sorg model tu xdpt dtg, so I have additional 1 session: Chemical Lab

2 sessions of photo shoot within the same day by wearing new pair of open toe high heels (3.5’) <— i feel a lil bit better than die kot.

Its tiring but happy!


The excitement is much more when I saw ME on the newspaper, LRT (naik LRT semata2 utk amik pic).


I was shock sebab jadi cover for MOHE’s Postgraduate Program booklet. But yet… I am happy <— giler glamer

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Am I in Malaysia?


It is really hard to find a day mcm ni di Malaysia.

I love it a lot!!!

Awww it makes me teringat time kat France. Luckily this happens in Malaysia and I have my family and friends around me.



Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Video: SevenCollar T-Shirt -Jangan Tinggal Daku (VIDEO TRIBUTE)

Jangan tinggal daku
Oh adik oh juwita
Kanda sedang rindu
Pada mu yang manis jelita

Hanya dikau seorang
Oh bintang oh pujaan
Tempat kasih sayang
Harapan di masa hadapan

Andai dinda pergi
Daku teman tiada
Meratap sunyi
Hampa merana

O o jangan tinggal daku
O dewi O manisku
Kanda rindu selalu
Senyuman yang manis bermadu

Andai dinda pergi
Daju teman tiada
Meratap sunyi
Hampa merana

O o jangan tinggal daku
O dewi O manisku
Kanda rindu selalu
Senyuman yang manis bermadu


Malam ni sayer insomnia. Tak leh tido. Wuuhuhu agak cuak sebab esok pagi kene bangun awal. 
Macam mana ni... susah hati la I...
Then tiba-tiba rasa nk bukak Youtube and I have found this video.
Layan but jangan too jiwang plz shakirah <-- im always like this when I didnt get enuf sleep.
What to do... lagu ni memang jiwang. kene lak dengan suara n video dia. Perghhh ibarat makan masak lemak cili api dengan pekasam!

Good News for Winmo Chatterz

Kekechewaan pada Winmo isn’t finished just like that. I keep on searching if there is ANY possibility. Cari punye cari finally I have found 1. Bak kata pepatah,

usaha itu tangga kejayaan.

^—nak panjat tu agak susah n berpoluh2 la jugak.

Thank you very much to AlternativeTO teams for providing a list of options in selecting instant messenger apps. I have found this incredible application through


^ take note that the platform is mentions in the end of the url (very useful for Winmo). So, get to know your platform my dear. ;)

From this url, I have found another alternatives software available for instant messenger such as



I chose Palringo. It is new for me. No harm to try kan? So i went to their website,



You will get this kind of display.

OMG, bersinar-sinar mata when looking at the options and there is Windows Mobile logo. Am I dreaming?!


Apo lagi, boleh download and then install. Just click on Winmo Icon. You can get it for FREE and no registration required!

When you download the installer untuk Winmo, the ext is in .cab BUKAN .exe yea tuan-tuan dan puan-puan.

Bila donload dah selesai, pindahkan ke dalam phone and sila lah install.


Monday, June 06, 2011

Susahnya Nak Cari Apps untuk Winmo


One word to describe my feeling towards Windows Mobile (Winmo).

I have started using Winmo since 1 and half years ago (Winmo 6.5). During that time, internet connection just bergantung kepada wireless. Before this I only use this smart phone for basic usage such as texting, and call. Sekarang dah 2011. Dah boleh pakai broadband on phone. Perkembangan ni has opened my eyes mengenai functionality baru untuk smart phone. + kemunculan iPhone 4, Blackberry and Andriod platform yang semakin meluas menyebabkan Winmo semakin tenggelam. Before this I wonder y some peoples hate Winmo. Now I know and realized why is that happening.

Last 2 weeks was my 1st time masuk ke Marketplace. Tempat ni +- Appstore and Android Market. In other words it is quite similar mcm ‘lubuk’ utk download application. Before this I have read some reviews about iPhone for example. Many reviews said that anything pon kene purchase. While for Winmo, there are many free apps available <—boooo! + the choices are very limited.

My target just one, to get an application that allows me to use Yahoo Messenger. Here, there are very few-limited-alternative applications such as IM+ <—it costs $19+. I have tried another options (free); IMO, MEEBO. Only available for iPhone, Andriod, and Blackberry.

How about Winmo?

Pakai internet browser.


Lebih mengecewakan when sekarang ni Winmo dah ada Winmo 7 and will be upgraded to Winmo 8. While Winmo 6.5 seperti dah xpernah wujud and apps avail pon dah outdated.

*BOOOOOO* for the 3rd time.

*ku kechewa*

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Subang Airport to Penang

Cantik, bersih and rasa selamat!

These 3 words can be used to describe how Subang Airport is. As usual, when u choose to travel using Firefly ke/dr KL, here is the place. Hari tu 1st time travel naik flight ngan my bro.

Lepas je sampai di Subang Airport, we grabbed something ‘light’ utk lapik perut since my brother eat nothing for lunch. Yet… there are plenty of time sebelum check-in time because we arrived there very early sbb takut traffic jam. Untuk melengahkan masa dan mengisi perut supaya tak bergendang dalam flight nanti, we went to NOODLES (sebelah Big Apple).

My brother decided to eat Fish n CHips while I took mee (noodle) tomyam. Sangat sedap sebab sangat pedas dan content dia sangat banyak!


tengok2… how big the mangkuk is.



After checked-in


While waiting for our turn to take-off


This is the waiting area. Its quite big and comfortable. but sangat bising time enjin kapal terbang start.



Ada Rest n Go station utk rehat n urut.


I did it.

but time kat tgh2 urut baru ttbe rasa agak segan (malu) sebab kerusi urut ni menghadap tempat menunggu and org lalu lalang and duduk kat seat2 depan tu asek tengok je. During this time, handbag besar sangat membantu utk menutup bahagian2 tertentu.





Ok dioras… time utk take-off…

Goodbye Subang… Hello Penang!




FYI, we were ‘kuk-kik’2 throughout the whole journey until the plane was landed dgn terhentak di landasan airport and flight senget sebelah lepas tu.

But the most funny memory was when the stewardess tanya sama ada we want PEANUT or PIE. What we heard were PINAU-PIE. and both of us were quite blur. HAHAHAHA! doink us!

Manyak sori la kakak-cantik-pinaupie for our ke-blur-an. Next time kami tak buat lagi.

Thursday, June 02, 2011


Tibe2 tringat kat arwah nenek. I still remember masa kecik2 dulu I am very chubby. Arwah nenek selalu peluk and compare my lengan dengan hers. She’s very small and kurus. I was always ukur ketinggian dengan dia. Nak lebih tinggi drpd beliau. Yes I am. Now it has been more than 4 years since we lost her. I miss her.


I still remember i used to be her private nurse utk cuci luka di kaki beliau – diabetic. I dont mind to do it… in other words.. I LOVE TO DO IT for her! yang paling best when the doctor said ibu jari kaki beliau xdpt diselamatkan. kene buat surgery. Alhamdulillah, dengan ubat, diet, rawatan yang betul, my grandma’s foot dpt diselamatkan. Allah lebih sayangkan beliau. Dia pergi dulu menghadap Illahi. Semoga roh beliau ditempatkan dikalangan golongan yang beriman.


Now atok masih lagi ada. His age is 80 years old! Bole kata every weekend we went back to visit him di kampung. He doesnt want to stay with us. Sayangkan rumah. Alhamdulillah last weekend dia kembali berselera makan. Jenuh jugak la kene bagi suppliment utk selera makan. But his hands are still weak utk grip sudu.