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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Makan: Restaurant Chicken Chop di Teluk Air Tawar, Pulau Pinang

Restaurant ni di-introduced by my mum and dad sebab before this they have been here once for my mum’s Jamuan Makan Malam Tahunan Sekolah. They said the foods here are delicious!

During my 2nd day went back from France, we went to this restaurant.

So I ordered for myself…


Ice blended honey dew


Char Kuetiau – sangat sedap!

For my family AND me, WE enjoy…


Ikan siakap sweet and sour – superb + kuah banyak

Sayur campur, sup ayam, sambal belacan

At the first place, konon2 nak makan char ktiau je. xmau makan nasik. endup, bantai char ktiau AND nasi sepinggan. T_T

Nampak tak pinggan dua tingkat kat blah kiri tu… that’s mine :P



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