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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Woman, Mother, Working-Mother

Entry kali ini adalah untuk menghargai kaum wanita. No offense untuk lelaki.

The story starts like this. It has been a long time since I was living separately with my parents. Now, I have moved into their house and staying with them. I am enjoying my own ‘holiday’ here. Recently, I have spent more time to do woman’s things. WHOPS! not that before this I act as a man. In other words,  for about 6 years I had practiced less responsibility as a woman such as cleaning, tiding, laundering and etc. Now, I am trying my best to change that unpleased habit day by day. It’s my bad for not being able to allocate a part of my 24 hours to do these things before.

What makes me ‘lazy’?

I was unable to set my mind that cleaning and housekeeping is a part of daily routine. I was always give up when I see the place that I have cleaned before has turned messy and dusty just a day after the cleaning activity. Since I was working and studying, I was only able to do the housekeeping once a week.

Change happens…

I have finished my study and job. While having my own sweet time, I have decided to change my habit. My age is going to turn into 23 years old. I need to change my attitude and habit. Just to be a better person. I do cleaning, housekeeping, cooking, and laundering every single day. Believe me, IT’S REALLY TIRING! I do really respect a woman that is able to go to work and then managing the house without hiring a maid. The ‘job’ is much more tough when she has kids (we skip this one). ;)

Here is my daily routine:
Wake up for Subuh prayer – kemas tilam – basuh baju (1st round) – lap habuk (part 1) – sidai baju – sweep the floor – cooking – eating – lap habuk (part 2) – basuh baju (2nd round) – sweep the floor – sidai baju (2nd round) – lipat baju – exercise

Sometimes I have to go out to settle the bill and buy some goods.

All of these things need to be done daily to ensure the house is looking good and comfortable to stay.
I did all that activities during day time. Can you imagine for a woman who has to go to work in the office and do all of those things when they get back home? It is really tiring but some womans managed to do that! Bravo woman!

Dear working-mother, if you manage to do all of those routines, you can be called as a superwoman! I do really respect it! Kagum2.

Although the routine is tiring, I am willing to keep on doing it because I achieved one thing, satisfaction feeling! I feels very happy when I see my mother’s smiling face when she went back from work and see the house is clean and tidy.

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