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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Skin Problem Recovered

From the day I arrived in my lovely country, the weather is just fine – not extremely hot, gloomy, rainy. During the second week here, the weather is turning into very hot. I feel like the sunshine is ‘killing’ my skin. Until one day after a very hot afternoon, I realized my chin’s skin has some small tiny dotted texture. The dotted has spread all over my face through the night. I feel really bad and sad. Why Why Why?!!! I can’t wait until tomorrow morning to go for check-up.

Next morning, I went to an Islamic clinic in Bandar Baru Bangi. There were soooo many patient that morning.  Thank God I bring along my sudoku's book. Then I meet the doctor, explained my condition, she said don’t worry, it is the side effect of exposure to cold-dry weather before. I will be recovered within 2 weeks. During this period, I have to avoid any kind of chemical product. She gave me a small box of non-chemical cream, Aqurious (if I am not mistaken). This cream works very effective. Alhamdulillah my skin has recovered during less than 2 weeks. I applied the cream every time after I cleaned my face. I only use Johnson’s baby talc for my face. Frankly to say, I felt very low self confident to appear in the public without make-up + skin problem. Day by day, my skin has shown some improvements. I feel very comfortable, and simple for going out just with very light talc on my face. During this period, I took care of my foods. I only eat 'makanan-selera-kampung' especially ulam. And of course, back to HIM - I asked for Allah’s help to cure this problem. I believe. :)

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Correction:13 Jan 2011
The worst day :(

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Getting better


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