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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Name the best food/fruit to describe yourself - OLIVE OIL

Last Friday, I have attended a session for my Diploma in Teaching & Learning. The topic was about Managing Learners - Class Management Part 1.

In one of our knowledge sharing activities, there was a lecturer who’s sharing an ice breaking activity done by her on 1st class session. The activity name is “Name the best food/fruit to describe yourself”. Suddenly…. TaDAAA our current lecturer wants us to play that game too. I was like.. WHATTTT? I cannot even think about it, what is the best food or fruit to describe me. I feel like I dont really know myself.

Then I came with an idea. I know I am an…. OLIVE OIL! During that time, I could not really properly describe myself. But that incident is haunting me until now. I want to tell but I could not find the proper sentences. That is my determination to write this post.

  1. Stand alone and combination. Can be consumed just by itself or can be combined with another meal/drink. The taste is still the same - olive oil. We can mix it with water, it will not going to be dissolved but it is drinkable. I can mix with many people. But to be well dissolved with the new people/environment, it is quite impossible but I am not harming anyone. I will still retain the characteristics as an olive oil.
  2. Full of benefits. Take the bad fat, and kick it out of the body. I am able to fix error made by some people.

(My classmates made some silly similarity which in appropriate for me to share it here)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Semester 2 2014/2015 has begun

New semester means more student. More students mean continuously income to our university and staffs.

I cannot believe a month ago we were busy with final examination, marking, and grading.. and today, I am meeting my new students.

This semester I am teaching 2 subjects; Computer Organization (CO) and Parallel Computing. Alhamdulillah both sections for Computer Organization are FULL as usual. While Parallel Computing subject which an elective subject, is expected to have around 5 to 15 students.

This semester marks the 7th semester of my career as a lecturer. I teach CO subject for several semesters, and every semester has its uniqueness. I love to trouble myself by updating the content of the teaching material. It is because, on every semester, I will identify which part that are ambiguous and how to make it understandable. That is what I call, self-satisfaction. 

When preparing the material, I put myself as a student. What that I love and hate to see. However, every material has its flaws. There is always a room for improvement. Either I ignore or I fix it.

Back to the topic. 

Today was super duper ultra busy day for every lecturer. First time meeting students, updating attendance list, meeting with other colleagues that teach the same subject, finalizing the class materials, additional event and many more!

I just have a cup of coffee for breakfast and a very late lunch at COIT cafe downstairs since the day was raining. I am not alone. While waiting for my Nasi Goreng Kampung to be ready, I saw my boss who's about to have his late lunch too.

My morning was filled with first lecture for CO students from section 01 at 9.00am class. The attendance was great! The students was awesome, sporting and energetic! I do really need to catch up with their momentum. I hope their good spirit will last until the rest of their life. Remember, positive people will creates positive surrounding. Shield yourself from any negative influences.

Friday, October 24, 2014

It smells.. Roses?

Me and my brother have a habit where we will spend our weekend going to some favorite 'port' to buy magazine/book <-- exemption for income tax too! He always with cars magazine, and I am with woman/beauty magazine.

I am a huge fan of Female Magazine. Besides the very useful content (makeup, recipe, skin care), what else can be the reward for the reader? Of course free gifts! I used to get Marc Jacobs and CH miniature perfume, a sample of Kinohimitsu cereal meal and many more. Oh I am trapped!

If you are 'smart working' enough, you may get more when you participates in their quizzes. There are many quizzes provided in this magazine. You just need to register, then yourself on their website, and answer the question.

I am quite lucky for this month which I assume as a birthday gift from Female magazine... 
I won an Anna Sui Makeup Set that worth RM500. 

I have never tried Anna Sui before this because it is quite an exclusive brand. Alhamdulillah, Now I have a chance to use it.

What are the items?

This cute 'flowerish' blusher comes together with this beautiful 'engraved' casing

And presenting the most attractive lipstick and its casing...

It does looks like an ice cream. This patrick-starfish-look-a-like is actually a cream mate lipstick which I never have it before. Plus, it moisturize my super-dry-sensitive-lips too!

With this type of casing, no wonder Anna Sui is an exclusive makeup brand.

I have tried all of them. It does smells like roses. Those who likes English style and roses, this brand may be the perfect choice.

For this time, I try not to jimat-jimat pakai makeup. Because if I do so, endup tak habis pun. Lagi sayang.

This is happening on a right time. My birthday month, and semester is about to begin this Monday! Anna Sui, let's meet the students!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Antara Whatsapp dan Email

1. Malaysia sedang dilanda zaman perkembangan dan kemajuan ICT. Masih ingat lagi pada sekitar zaman menjelang Y2K, TM telah memperkenalkan internet connection dikenali sebagai Bluehyppo yang menggunakan modem dengan kelajuan 56kBps. Connection ini bergantung kepada jumlah topup.

2. Sekarang sudah tahun 2014. Telefon bimbit merupakan satu keperluan untuk menghubungkan setiap manusia. Bagi yang berkemampuan, smartphone pasti menjadi pilihan. Kini, smartphone boleh didapati dengan harga dari RM300. Bagi komitmen bulanan untuk data plan, ia boleh didapati serendah RM20 per month.

3. Sebelum wujudnya kemudahan internet connection pada telefon bimbit, masing-masing menggunakan perkhidmatan Short Message System (SMS). SMS membenarkan pengguna menghantar sehingga 160 character dalam 1 mesej yang dihantar. Setiap mesej teks yang dihantar pula akan dicaj dari RM0.05 ke RM0.20 (bergantung kepada pekej dan service provider). Dengan teknologi internet dan smartphone, SMS telah jarang digunakan dan digantikan dengan pelbagai aplikasi misalnya Whatsapp, BBM, dan WeChat. Setiap mesej teks, bergambar, video dan voice adalah percuma.

4. Terdapat golongan pengguna yang mengalami kejutan dengan kemudahan teknologi ini sehingga mengabaikan keadaan sekeliling dan sensitiviti sesuatu perkara. Misalnya terlalu kerap bersembang dan update teman-teman didalam group chat sedangkan orang yang berada disekeliling yang secara fizikalnya dekat, tetapi hakikatnya jauh dan berasa terasing.

5. Oleh kerana mesej bergambar dan video boleh dihantar secara percuma dan kepada semua contact dalam group, ada yang menyalahgunakan kemudahan ini dengan menyebarkan gambar-gambar dan video yang tidak sepatutnya seperti lucah, fitnah, dokumen sulit, maklumat sulit seseorang atau organisasi. Ini terjadi kepada kebocoran soalan peperiksaan UPSR yang telah terjadi pada tahun ini.

6. Whatsapp merupakan aplikasi untuk berhubung melalui teks, video, mesej dan pesanan suara secara ringkas dan cepat.

7. Ada yang menyatakan, email tidak lagi diperlukan dalam sesebuah organisasi dalam komunikasi. Semua komunikasi kini digantikan dengan Whatsapp. Ini adalah fahaman yang tidak tepat.

8. Kita masih memerlukan email sebagai medium komunikasi yang formal dalam bidang koprat. Email memiliki ciri-ciri yang penting seperti To, From, Cc, Bcc, Subject dan Body. 
  • To dapat menyatakan kepada siapa kita hendak tujukan email tersebut. 
  • From dapat menyatakan daripada siapa email tersebut datang
  • Cc digunakan untuk menghantar salinan email kepada siapa
  • Bcc adalah untuk menghantar salinan email kepada penerima tertentu tetapi identiti mereka dilindungi
  • Subject digunakan untuk menyatakan tujuan email tersebut ditulis
  • Body adalah content of the email atau description mengenai subject tersebut.

9. Perkara yang disebutkan di atas tidak dapat dilakukan dengan efisyen oleh Whatsapp. Mungkin anda perlukan beratus group bagi mewakili setiap subject.

10. Email juga selalu dilengkapi dengan kemudahan untuk mengadakan meeting/appointment. Mereka hanya perlu create new meeting/appointment, invite jemputan, block jadual pada masa meeting tersebut, dan menghantar reminder sebelum meeting bermula. Ia seperti personal assistant!

11. Ada yang menyatakan, jemput meeting melalui Whatsapp senang. Yes, anda mungkin ingat pada masa itu. Cuba bayangkan anda ada meeting minggu hadapan. Anda dah bagitahu dalam group Whatsapp tersebut meeting akan diadakan pada sekian-sekian hari. Bagaimana anda nak ingat anda ada meeting tu? Tengok history mesej? Ia adalah group mesej. Dalam seminggu berapa ratus teks yang sudah dihantar dalam group tersebut? Tidak efisyen bukan?

12. Tahu teknologi, tahu penggunaannya. Ia akan memudahkan hidup anda. Jangan menjadi Technology Immigrant yang culture shock dengan kemudahan ini.

Are you connecting right with technology? Find out more.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Mereka berhak untuk berkongsi ruang di bumi ini

  1. Setiap kejadian di dunia ini adalah ciptaan Yang Maha Esa. Ini termasuk tumbuh-tumbuhan, haiwan, dan manusia. 
  2. Kita tidak boleh menganiayai makhluk Allah. Ini bermakna kita tidak boleh menganiyai manusia, tumbuh-tumbuhan, dan haiwan.
  3. Ada pelbagai cara untuk menghormati makhluk Allah ini. 
  4. Kita tidak boleh melakukan perbuatan yang memusnahkan misalnya menebang hutan, pokok yang tidak merbahaya, tumbuh-tumbuhan, dan menarah bukit bukau. 
  5. Dengan haiwan, kita perlu menyayangi dan menghormati mereka. Misalnya TIDAK MENCEDERAKAN mereka sehingga mendatangkan kecederaan, kecacatan, dan kesakitan terhadap mereka. Mereka juga mempunyai perasaan sayang, sedih, dan sakit. Setiap mereka dicipta untuk tujuan tertentu dan menyumbang kepada keseimbangan ekosistem. Tapi ini tidak bermakna kita perlu membelai peluk cium mereka. Misalnya, harimau. Ia dikenali sebagai haiwan pemangsa. Ia perlu memburu untuk meneruskan kehidupannya dan anak-anak. Ia tidak bermakna kita perlu membunuhnya kerana ia membunuh haiwan mangsa lain. Tidak perlu juga untuk kita membelai dan mencium harimau sebagai tanda sayang padanya.
  6. Ini sama seperti haiwan peliharaan. Kita hormati pendirian masing-masing untuk membela haiwan peliharaan. Ada yang membela kucing, anjing, arnab, hamster, atau burung. Kenapa kita membela haiwan? Sebab Allah terbitkan rasa sayang kepada makhluk lain dalam diri kita. Kita insan terpilih untuk berkongsi rezeki dan kasih sayang dengan mereka. 
  7. Kita hormati setiap pemilik yang telah memilih haiwan peliharaan masing-masing. Tetapi seperti yang umum tahu, umat Islam (mazhab Syafie) tidak digalakkan untuk membela haiwan yang mendorong kepada kategori najis berat misalnya anjing. Ia bukan bermaksud anjing itu hina. Cuma kita kena lebih kerap bersuci (samak) daripada najis berat ini. Kita tak pasti sama ada bersentuhan terkena air liur, terjilat, ataupun terpijak permukaan basah. Jadi lebih baik hindarkan.
  8. Perkara ini telah lama dibincangkan oleh ustaz-ustaz dan masing-masing telah mengeluarkan pendapat masing-masing berdasarkan hadis-hadis sahih. Boleh cari di Youtube dan Facebook.
  9. Lagi sekali, anjing tidak hina sampai kita perlu bertindak menganiayanya dengan membaling batu, memukul, mencederakan dan menyeksa mereka. Itu menganiaya haiwan dan biadap! Kita hormati mereka. Biarkan mereka hidup dengan dunia dan keluarga mereka. Kasihanilah mereka. Bayangkan jika kita membunuh anak-anak anjing.. sedih perasaan ibu melihat anaknya mati. Anak-anak anjing pula, kalau ibunya mati, macam mana ia nak hidup? Simpati, sayang, kasih. Jadi, jangan menganiaya haiwan termasuk anjing! Tapi tak perlulah sampai kita (Muslim) perlu peluk cium mereka. Jika ada non-muslim nak memelihara anjing-anjing ini, silakan. Tiada halangan. Baguslah ada jugak pihak yang dapat menjaga kebajikan haiwan ini dengan lebih dekat.
  10. Ada yang cakap, "Habis tu ada orang Islam yang nak jaga keselamatan?". Tidak dinafikan memang ada yang membela untuk menjaga kawasan yang luas. Misalnya untuk menjaga kawasan ladang daripada penceroboh. Itu makes sense. Tapi kalau duduk rumah apartment yang luas hanya 900sqft, tempat solat pun limited, tanya diri sendiri larat tak nak samak setiap masa ataupun setiap kali ada 'appointment' dengan Allah 5 kali sehari? Ada banyak lagi persoalan yang ditimbulkan. Harap boleh tengok video-video oleh Ustaz Kazim, Ustaz Azhar Idrus, dan ramai ustaz-ustaz yang lain.
  11. Faham sangat dengan tahap kecomelan haiwan peliharaan ni. Saya ada 2 ekor kucing. Mereka suka menjilat tangan, duduk atas sejadah, temankan sembahyang, cakar dan gigit tangan masa bergurau, pijak air, sentuh mereka lepas basuh tangan dengan tangan yang masih basah, bersihkan wee wee dan poo poo mereka, sediakan bekas makanan dan minuman. Susah untuk bezakan sentuhan basah atau kering.
  12. Isu hangat yang diperkatakan sekarang adalah Kempen "I want to touch a dog". Ia memang mendapat sambutan hangat daripada rakyat Malaysia yang pelbagai kaum. Kita faham tujuan penganjur untuk memupuk kefahaman mengenai anjing. 
  13. Banyak persoalan yang boleh diutarakan. Tak perlu nak diulang lagi di sini. Silalah lawati Facebook, dan laman-laman blog lain.
  14. Cadangan. Mungkin pihak tersebut boleh anjurkan event hujung minggu bersama haiwan peliharaan. Bukan hanya fokus pada anjing. Tapi pet lovers boleh membawa pet masing-masing. Ini termasuk anjing, kucing, arnab, hamster, burung, dan lain-lain. Sesiapa yang nak pergi lihat haiwan-haiwan comel tu, silakan.
  15. Didik juga owner ini untuk menanam tabiat untuk membawa plastik dan penyepit najis jika membawa haiwan peliharaan bersiar-siar. Orang kat negara maju dah ada budaya 'modern' dan bersih ni.
  16. Tanamkan rasa cinta, sayang, dan hormat pada tumbuh-tumbuhan, dan haiwan. Mereka berhak untuk berkongsi hidup di bumi ini.
Saya Shakirah Salleh. Saya sayang kucing dan hormati haiwan yang lain.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Insanity by sane people

Have you been in a situation where;
1. You obeserve your surrounding.
2. You see some people are struggling to survive.
3. You know something can be made to change their situation.
4. They ask for your opinion.
5. You provide them some ideas.
6. After that they defend themselves by come out with a list of current efforts.
7. In the end, they did not followed the suggestions given.
8. They feel comfortable enough with their current method and still proceed with it.


3 jenis pandangan

Ada 3 jenis pandangan; mata akal, mata nafsu, mata hati.
1. mata akal melihat dan berfikir
2. mata nafsu melihat dengan penuh emosi dan selalunya terjadi perkara negatif
3. mata hati adalah pandangan yang paling suci dan ikhlas

Contoh: Donut
1. Mata akal: pandangn dari chef. Melihat teksture, teknik, fizikal, rasa
2. Mata nafsu: nampak donut, terus makan-makan dan makan. tak berfikir.
3. Mata hati: teringat dulu masa kecik-kecik ayah selalu belikan donut untuk breakfast. Alhamdulillah ini rezeki daripada Allah untuk hari ini.

Sumber: Radio.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Fish4cats - Finest Rich in Salmon (Dry foods)

Before I adopt a cat, I only know some popular brand for cat foods such as Whiskas, and Friskies. There are many advertisements about these 2 brands. I never know there are hundreds more brand available out there. 

In May 2014, when I was about to adopt my Twin Cat, adik and abang, I went to a pet shop's website, Pet Lovers Centre (PLC). There are many choices of cat foods available; from wet to dry foods, price range from RM10 up to RM200, foods for kitten, cat or adult cat and many more options! I heard about one exclusive brand, Royal Canin (RC). I was planned to get that brand for my cats. When I went to PLC, I went through few brands (again and again), types, and their ingredients. Too bad one of the RCs available consists of Pork. :( 

I asked the sales assistant which brand that consists of fish? He understands my situation. He has introduced to me Fish4Cats brand. He said it consists of fish and some vegetables.

Ingredient for Finest Fish 4 Cats (Codfish) as follows;
Cod 34%, Potato 21.3%, Herring Meal 26.5%, Salmon Oil 9.6%, Beet Fibre 5.2%, Brewers Yeast 2.0%, Minerals 0.8%, Vitamins 0.6%

In return, my cats love this food. I need to prepare 2 packs for a month. One pack (1.5kg) costs me RM 59.90 (Price before less 5% for PLC member).

A few months later, PLC have introduced a new cat foods available in their outlet from Fish4Cats also, Finest Salmon.

The weight and price is exactly same with the previous one. But maybe because of this food is made from salmon, it tastes better, now I need to buy 3 packs for a month. T_T

Let's see the ingredients;
Salmon Meal (33%), Fresh Salmon (22%), Sweet Potato (17%), Cassava (13%), Salmon Oil (8%), Fish Digest (2.5%), Sunflower Oil, Yeast Extract, Malt Extract, Pea Fibre, Dried Algae, Dried Cranberries, Minerals.

When they consume this foods, they are become more active, fit, and playful. On top of that, their fur becomes very soft.

I have tried to find this brand from other pet shops but it seems a bit rare. To be safe, just go straight to any Pet Lovers Centre outlet. You can check the products and outlet from the following link. http://bit.ly/diskaun999PLC

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Resepi Sambal Ayam Penyet

Berapa ramai dah pernah rasa nasi ayam penyet? Mula-mula memang agak skeptikal sikit dengan ayam penyet... ingatkan macam mana la rupa dan rasanya. Sekarang ni kan penjual nasi ayam penyet bercambah bagai cendawan.

Ayam penyet ni sama saja macam nasi ayam. Cuma kombinasi lain sedikit.

  • Nasi putih (ada sesetengah penjual guna nasi kukus beras wangi)
  • Ayam belah 4 digoreng (Bukan ayam berempah)
  • Sambal <- faktor utama yang membezakan setiap ayam penyet
  • Tempe & tauhu
  • Sayur ulam - seperti kangkung, timun, kobis. Semua sayur 'sejuk' untuk cool down sambal yang super pedas.

Ayam penyet yang popular di BB Bangi adalah Wong Solo dan Ayam Penyet AP. Siapa yang suka pedas, Wong Solo adalah pilihan terbaik. Ada 3 jenis sambal; sambal ayam penyet, sambal kicap, dan sambal asam (very mild).
Set Nasi Ayam Penyet Wong Solo

I just want to highlight resepi sambal ayam penyet yang menjadi igauan dan pembuka selera masa makan. Based on reverse engineering dan cubaan, akhirnya berjaya! Usaha itu tangga kejayaan.

20 tangkai cili padi merah (Segenggam)
1 tangkai cili merah
4 ulas bawang merah kecil (boleh gantikan dengan 1 ulas bawang merah besar)
4 ulas bawang putih
1 asam keping
1.5 sudu garam
3 sudu minyak masak

Step 1:
Bersihkan bawang putih dan merah, cili padi, cili merah.
Bawang putih dihiris kasar.
Bawang putih di titik.
Cili merah di kepak.

Step 2:
Panaskan air dalam periuk/non-stick pan. 
Masukkan semua bahan dalam Step 1. 
Rebus sampai lembik (dalam 10-15 minit). 

Step 3:
Angkat dan Toss.
Masukkan bahan ke dalam pengisar.
Masukkan 2 cawan air.
Kisar selama 5 SAAT. (Biarkan teksture kasar).

Step 4: 
Masukkan bahan dalam STEP 3 ke dalam periuk/pan tadi.
Tambah 3 sudu minyak.
Biarkan mendidih sampai kering.
Kacau jika perlu.

Step 5: 
Masukkan 1 - 1.5 sudu teh garam halus.
Masukkan sekeping asam keping.
Tambah sedikit air. Gaul rata.
Step 6:
Bila dah kering, pecah minyak, tandanya dah masak.
At this point memang azab sikit sebab hidung akan sakit dengan aroma pedas tu.

Sambal ni boleh la bertahan dalam 3-4 kali hidangan.

I just love to have this sambal each time makan nasi. Tak kira lah makan dengan gulai/kari, ikan bakar... anything will do untuk ubah selera sambal belacan ke sambal ayam penyet.

Selamat mencuba!

Warning: Sambal ni memang sangat pedas. We will not be responsible for any injury, illness, death, loss.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Jatuh tapi tak tersungkur

Selepas beberapa kali merenung, mendiamkan diri, menyesuaikan diri dengan sebahagian 'hidup' baru, finally baru dapat kekuatan to announce to all my friends that the relationship between me and 'the-unlucky-guy' has ended a few months ago (You did not noticed any difference pun kan).

I have gone through a rough time dealing with emotion; heart breaking, frustration, pain, bleeding which I cannot find and cure the wound. Nangis guling-guling? Not shy at all to admit YES. I did. I went to work, meet my my colleagues, students with panda eyes (thanks to the inventor for concealer). 

But to get frustrated menonggeng sampai abaikan kesihatan, family, my job... BIG NO. I have a lot more responsibilities. So I have decided to move on. 
I have my family
I have my income/job/students
I have my assets
I have my car
I have some savings for wedding which I have spent ALL of it <-- shopping therapy. And believe me, it does really works.

This is an example of it is good for a woman to have their own income. So that when we get dump, we can still survive (I never think that I will be dumped like this). It was a flawless relationship but when Allah said no, it is BIG NO. We always pray for the best and ask Allah to show us the path... and He has decided this is our destiny. Alhamdulillah this incident was happening before marriage.

I am very lucky to have a group of people that are very supportive in every aspect. They are my family, friends, my job, and my new love; twin cats. I think I managed to overcome the bad feeling after several days.

Allah Maha Adil. He has sent 'the-unlucky-guy' for some reasons. He took him away from me at the right moment. He has replaced him with something better. It may not be a love from human, but he is replacing it with a loyal love from my cats, good career, good bosses, good job, good students and many more. Some people are very lucky to found jodoh awal, but for those who has not found yet, we are lucky in some different ways. Bila ada tu, adalah. Prioritize.. bukan desperate. 

I let go some gifts that I have not used recently. A part of relief. Some of them I am still using it - expensive and usable. But one thing I wish, I wish the ring was made by gold so that I can sell it back. Haih.. so girls, I have a short but sweet advise for you.. if you have boyfriend, ask for 916 GOLD RING/accessories... the most cheapest 916 ring also can.

In conclusion, other than love to human, a person, a man... there are so many other things that are important in our life. If he does not love you anymore, FINE... many other people loves you. Don't forget your responsibility. Aim to be a better person.

Now forget about Lagu Ella - Sembilu yang mendayu-dayu nangis guling-guling.
We move on to Jacklyn Victor - Separuh Jiwaku.

So please after this do not ask about "Bila lagi nak langsung?", "Bila nak kahwin?" dan seangkatannya...