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Monday, July 13, 2015

End of Ramadhan 1436H

Alhamdulillah, sekali lagi diberi peluang untuk merasai Ramadhan pada tahun ini. Terlalu banyak benda terjadi dalam bulan yang mulia ini. Dalam keriangan dan kegembiraan umat Islam menyambut Syawal, hati ini tidaklah terlalu girang. Mungkin kerana faktor usia, dan tanggungjawab yang dipikul. 

Tahun ini, InshaAllah Syawal akan disambut dalam keadaan serba sederhana dan ringkas di ibu kota. Walaubagaimana pun, hati ini masih bersyukur kerana dikurniakan rezeki untuk menyambut Syawal bersama keluarga kecil; ayah, mak, abang. Inilah kurniaan Illahi yang tiada gantinya. 

Sewaktu kecil dulu, me and family akan balik ke kampung. I always merungut sebab masa tu, arwah nenek selalu sakit.. setiap tahun. Jadi kami tak dapat nak ke mana-mana. Masa banyak dihabiskan di kampung. Rutin adalah sama, pagi-pagi ayah akan ke pasar untuk beli nasi lemak. Mak pula sibuk di dapur. Me and my brother spending our time by watching TV. Suasana kampung, ayam yang bising, angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa, kutip telur ayam kampung.. semua yang dulu rasa 'susah' dan 'boring' sebenarnya adalah kenangan yang terindah. 

Arwah atuk dan nenek dah tiada lagi didunia ni. Now baru sedar, itulah pengalaman yang cucu lain tak dapat rasa dan masa tersebut tak akan berulang lagi. Dulu nak raya di bandar? Kini Tuhan tunaikan hajat tu. Tahun ini akan masuk kali ke 4 beraya di sini. Kali pertama dulu, selepas solat di Masjid Besi, pergi bertandang ke Kediaman DS Najib. Kali kedua pula, masih solat di Masjid Besi, tetapi selepas itu kami ke Istana Negara di Jalan Duta. Kali ketiga adalah pada tahun lepas dimana kami bersolat hari raya di Masjid Negara, dan berkesempatan bersalaman dengan Tuanku Permaisuri Hjh. Haminah Hamidun kemudian menu pagi raya kami adalah Pizza Hut di Pavilion. Tahun ni? Tak tahu plan macam mana pula.

Serik sudah nak merungut. Ikut sahajalah rentak hidup ini. Hargai insan-insan yang berada di sekeliling kita pada masa kini. kita tak tahu apa akan jadi di masa hadapan. Masihkah ada peluang untuk berhari raya bersama lagi? Mungkin raya bersama suami? Mungkin raya bersama kakak ipar? Kita tak tahu. Segalanya urusan Yang Maha Esa.


Monday, April 20, 2015


Memikat mata yang memandang
Siapa terpandang hati tertawan
Terletak jauh di atas sana
Nak dicapai tidak terdaya
Yang jauh dibawah hanyalah mampu mengagumi
Tapi tidak memiliki

Bulan hanya indah dari jauh
Tiada apa-apa bila didekati
Tiada cahaya yang menyinari
Mengimbangi hidupan alam di bumi

Adakah terus ingin mendekati
Adakah masih mahu memiliki
Atau hanya untuk diidami
Oleh sang manusia yang jauh dibumi

Jangan diberi harapan hidup
Biarlah bulan sendirian
Terus berbakti sebagai makhluk Tuhan

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Storm.Rain.Shine - March 2015

Subhanallah. Alhamdulillah. Lailahaillallah. Allahuakbar.

Before you read this post, remember as a Muslim, we do have 6 rukun iman:
  1. Percaya kepada Allah
  2. Percaya kepada Malaikat
  3. Percaya kepada Kitab Al-Quran
  4. Percaya kepada Rasul
  5. Percaya kepada hari kiamat
  6. Percaya kepada Qadha’ & Qadar
The beginning of March 2015 was a dark experience for me and my family. My father who was a healthy and happy-go-lucky man suddenly turned into a very quiet person. His brain performance has started to degrade from day to day. He could not be able to drive, talk, walk, or even eat. It is not alzheimer. His blood pressure was normal. His condition was similar to a computer that preparing itself to hybernate. 

On Sunday afternoon, me and my brother were rushed back to Penang together with our cats. Alhamdulillah the journey was smooth although my cat-abang was not really happy because we forgot to place the weewee tray inside their cage. *okay my bad*

Once we arrived in Penang, we let the cats play around the house. But both of them are just hiding behind the sofa. We assume they are sulking. My ayah is very quiet. We can see he is weak. He cannot walk properly. We can see that he has lost some kgs too. 

On the next day, we went to clinic to check my father’s condition. Everything was normal. The doctor said he need more rest. On that particular evening, my brother, father and mother went to Perlis to have an alternative medicine, syifa. I was at home to take care of our cats. I feel nothing and sleep like I have never slept before until my cats are attacking ‘something’. Aww man. I was shocked and scared. I called my brother who's still in Perlis. They have just finished their treatment. Something has happened on that night. *Keep it secret*

Next morning, my father’s condition is still unstable. I have tried to take a look the nearest syifa in Penang. It was very disappointed. Most of the syifa centres operate once a week, and from after Isya’ until 11pm to 12.00am. I have called one of the ustaz mentioned about my father’s and house critical condition. The ustaz said, “Waktu rawatan esok. Dah mentioned dalam blog. Pergi office, kena ambil nombor giliran dulu.” When i asked about the possibility for him to come to my house and clear all of these stuffs.. “Kena buat surat dulu, masuk meeting.” Innalillah. My father is suffering, whole family is suffering, and he takes it like nothing. I am very deeply disappointed. No longer after that, Alhamdulillah my uncle gave us one Imam’s contact number. I called and told him about my father’s condition. We went to meet imam on that night.

*** I am going to skip the details of the treatments. ***

What I want to share over here are what you can do to protect yourself.
  1. Recite Al-Quran and Zikir - These are the food to our soul. A weak soul may easily get influenced by jin, syaitan, khadam. It may help to protect you from sihir too. Do not forget to share the zikir with your beloved person including your pets. They need a strong soul too.
  2. Believe in every words in Al-Quran. It is a gift, a heritage from Rasulullah that has thousands of story, and thousands of benefits when we believe. Read, understand, believe.
  3. Take a good care of your hygiene. 
  4. Do choose your couple based on his/her knowledge religion. If he/she is weak in religion, do guide/groom him/her. He/She will be on your side no matter what. He/she will assists you in your solat when you are very sick. He/she will pray and zikir for your soul to makes you stronger.
  5. Teach and occupy your children with islamic knowledge. They are the source of your strength and they will pray for you no matter what. 
  6. Avoid any second hand/antique items. Those may be ‘owned’ by something.
  7. Adopt a cat. It can sense the unwanted ‘guests’ inside your house.
My father is recovering. He can now feed himself. He can also pray by himself but sometimes we need to monitor and assists him with bacaan dalam solat. Alhamdulillah. To my friends and students, Thanks for your Doa. I told my father about it. He was touched and cried. Thank you. 

I am very lucky to have a very understanding and supportive people around me.


Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Resepi Biskut Roti Kering Bergula

Sebuku Roti Gardenia Original Classic (Putih)/Whole Grain (I am using Whole Grain)
50-100g Butter Buttercup
Gula putih

1. Potong roti kepada 4 bahagian. Ketepikan dulu.
2. Panaskan kuali. Cairkan butter. Asingkan butter yang telah cair ke dalam pinggan/mangkuk.
3. Sapu butter cair kebahagian atas dan bawah roti.
4. Letakkan roti ke atas dulang pembakar.
5. Taburkan gula putih ke atas roti.
6. Panaskan oven selama 10 minit dengan suhu 180-190 darjah Celcius.
7. Bakar roti tadi selama 15-20 minit.

Sedia untuk dibakar.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Makeup: L'Occitane BB Cream, L'Oreal La Poudre True Match, Eyeliner and Mascara In2it, Lipstick Estee Lauder

I have my own collections from Paco Rabane, Estee Lauder, The Body Shop, Carolina Herrera (CH), L'Occitane, and Yves Rocher. I also loves to collect some miniatures such as Marc Jacobs, Victoria Secret and Burberry. The bottles are unique. 

Who does not like to smells good and pleasant? 

Today, I went to Nu Sentral. There is a Victoria Secret boutique. I always admire this shop. It smells good, and all those glitters gift sets are really attractive. There is a sales girl name Erin who's assisting me through out the selections. She is friendly, nice, and helpful. 

I have tried a few perfumes. Bombshell Diamonds, Bombshell in Bloom, Angel Gold, Noir Tease, and Fearless. There are many more variants! I am trying not to confuse myself. In the end, I choose to get Fearless. 

Then I ask her where are the item on sale (Up to 70%). She assists me to one corner and tadaaaa... crazy after discount price. Set with pouch, set with luggage tag, complete set of make-up palette from only RM50. Crazy crazy crazy. 

Finally, these are things that I have bought.

This sale is last until Sunday 25 January 2015.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Simple Quick Salad

Some coral salads (crunchy but taste a bit bitter)
1/4 of tomato (can be replaced with cherry tomato)
2 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
1 pinch of salt
1 pinch of black pepper (coarse)

  1. Slice the coral salad and tomato into small pieces (around 1 cm)
  2. Mix them with olive oil, salt and black pepper.
  3. Ready to be served.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

A person who teaches others

  1. Outcome Based Evaluation (Obe) - will be done based on changes /impact to students after completing a course/program.
  2. There are many factors that will influence the result. This result can be influenced by the student themselves, environment, and also trainer/lecturer.
  3. The purpose of teaching and learning is to increase people knowledge that will provide better nation. When a country has people who are knowledgeable, the effects can be seen in terms of standards of living and economy can be increased.
  4. The process of teaching and learning is dynamic. It depends on target audience, tools, and material. 
  5. Teaching Gen Z is different from teaching Gen X. Gen X will find difficulties in teaching Gen Y or Gen Z, while Gen Z finds why Gen X and Gen Y love to make things complicated. To add more, why Gen X loves to talk?
  6. Certain knowledge and information may be stagnant but some of them may evolve rapidly. To deliver these information, the tools and people are main variables. 
  7. Teaching and learning activities are ‘Try and error' experiments that actually use human as the sample. A lecturer may have a complete guideline/plan on what to do. Some analysis should be done throughout the process to identify any problem/changes needed as early as possible. If current method used is not suitable, the lecturer/instructor should be flexible to change into other method.
  8. Generally, we often to look at the final result and grade of our students. But how to ensure the knowledge will really benefit the students?
  9. Obe will be used to evaluate the impact of teaching and learning process. It will not going to solely evaluate the final examination result, but what are the coverage of the questions, and assessments that are used to produce the final grade of a student. 
  10. I admit I cannot memorize each of the words in the slides that I have prepared to teach my students. Then how should I evaluate them and expect they will memorize every words? But I do understand the subject.
  11. Always put yourself in somebody else situation which sometimes we may selfishly think “That is not my problem”. Remember, what goes around comes around.
  12. In the end, we do want our nation consists of individual who has been programmed to memorize and become a follower, or we do want them to think innovative? 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Final month for semester 2 2014/2015

Satu lagi semester akan berakhir. Cepatnya masa berlalu. Ketika baru nak menghafal dan mengenali setiap pelajar, hampir pula masa untuk masing-masing teruskan perjalanan di haluan masing-masing. But the thing that I am proud of adalah to see majority students who I teach them masa 1st year 1st sem (2012) and they adalah my first students when I work as a lecturer, now dah di final year final sem. Subhanallah. Another best part adalah they still respect me as a person, as a lecturer (tak kisahlah cerita disebalik tabir if any). Some of them are my current students too - Parallel Computing subject. 

Other than Parallel Computing, I teach Computer Organization subject. Next week, akan ada presentation for their first assignment. I feel nervous for them. I want them to put their efforts on the correct path. I hope they will not going to disappoint me. It is 20% of their carry marks. 

Those who were my students, they know my 'ways'. There is no such thing as make-up or mark-up assessments/quiz. When a must assignment they can just ignore, what do you expect for them to do extra thing that require extra time? 

All the best untuk my students for their assignments and quiz. For CO subject, we have 1 more chapter to go. For Parallel Computing subject, 2 more chapters to go. Wohooo!

Saturday, January 03, 2015

With the closure of 2014 - accident

Innalillah for the incident. 
Alhamdulillah for no one dies. 

Sunday morning after a long holiday, me and my brother went to The Loaf, Nu Sentral to have our breakfast. From this location, we plan to go to Digital Mall. On our way to Digital Mall, at the Parliament intersection heading Damansara/Jalan Duta there was a Dark Purple Myvi who was in the most left lane changing its lane into my current lane. Then all cars in front including this Bloody Myvi stopped out of suddent. I always create some gap with car in front. I managed to secure from hitting this Myvi but then, I heard 'Bang' from behind of my car. From the side mirror, I saw a motorcyclist was 'tergolek' and trying to get back on his motorcycle. I am so afraid he will be hit by another car or something. My brother asked what is happening. I said we've got hit. I stopped along the road side and let my brother talk to the rider. As far as I can recall, the last time I refer back/side mirror, there was no motorcycle (me on the right lane btw).

Shorten the story, we do not make any police report. We just pay him. I am glad that I am using 'kereta rakyat' Malaysia. The original tail lamp is affordable and the bumper is quite reliable. 

Tail lamp changed, bumper waxed. With the closure of 2014, my car got new eye, and shiny butt.

Friday, January 02, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

  1. Alhamdulillah. Itu sahaja yang mampu diucapkan untuk mensyukuri nikmat kurniaan Allah S.W.T yang tidak terkira banyaknya.
  2. 2014 terlalu banyak memberi pengajaran dan pengalaman. Seperti insan yang lain, ada saat suka dan duka. 
  3. Kejayaan yang terbesar dalam kerjaya adalah mendapat Anugerah Akademik UNITEN Kategori Anugerah Akademik Harapan Bagi Kategori Pengajaran
  4. Kegembiraan yang paling bermakna apabila melihat emak dan ayah tersenyum mendapat kunci rumah baru pada awal December lepas.
  5. Kesedihan yang meninggalkan 1001 pengajaran adalah perpisahan yang tidak tahu puncanya. Semoga mendapat pengganti yang lebih baik.
  6. Kebahagiaan adalah mendapat pengganti kasih sayang yang ditinggalkan dengan kurniaan kucing 2 ekor yang pandai lagi lincah, adik dan abang. 
  7. Kepuasan adalah apabila dapat membantu pelajar yang ingin belajar dan dapat memahami subject.
  8. Kebanggaan adalah apabila dapat menyiapkan montaj baru kepada SN department.
  9. Kekuatan adalah melihat wajah mak dan ayah yang penuh harapan dan kepercayaan.
  10. Setiap hari adalah permulaan yang baru dan diberi peluang untuk memperbaiki diri. Selagi nyawa dikandung badan, selagi diri masih mampu bernafas, InshaAllah akan sentiasa memperbaiki diri dan keadaan sekeliling.
  11. Mulakan 2015 dengan Bismillah. Semoga Malaysia harmoni, aman dan sejahtera. Semoga umat Islam bersatu padu. Semoga Allah kurniakan nikmat dan rahmat kepada kita semua. Semoga kita sentiasa berada dibawah naungan Allah dan para malaikat. Selawat dan salam buat kekasih hati Rasulullah S.A.W dan para sahabat.