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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dik Cerdas Volume 1

Dik Cerdas Volume 1 has been spotted at one of the magazine shop in Alamanda, Putrajaya!!! Those who’s peminat fanatik Crayon Shin Chan and missed to get this comic before, you can still get it now!!! – need to keep up to date with magazine shop! I believe from now on they will re-sell the previous volume starting from Volume 1 onwards. I can’t wait to get more shin chan’s comic!!!


Okay.. I took 1 from here. There are plenty left for you.



  1. khairul: well...
    iqbal: ko pegi beli cepat!

  2. kalau nak beli semua nombor, pegi IOI Mall old wing nyer kedai komik. semua ada. cumanya Shin Chan awal2 tak best. dia kurang ajar sangat masa tu - so kurang lawak.

  3. Woh.. iyeke. alamak. kene spare duit neh.
    ha ah.. dorg tak censored lg. main translate direct je. lukisan pon buruk lg
    MEKASEH for sharing!!!