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Friday, October 29, 2010

My last day in the office

This is my last day 'check-in' at this office. Tomorrow I am off to France for two month. Happy, Excited, Nervous. Thanks to my superV because he gave me 'leave' for today. So I can go out and get prepare for my fly.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trying to be a better person

I am improving myself to be a better person.
I am trying to be more clever than now.
I am trying to be more knowledgeable than what I have.
I want my mind to think faster; What, Why, When, Who, How.
I have to admit sometimes I am quite naive, blur, slow thinker. I want to improve all of that. I want to improve all of my weaknesses. Not with intention to be the most powerful person, but to be a better person, a person with full of knowledge... Not just a person who people see me as somebody but actually I am nobody. I want to be a somebody with full of knowledge.

I hope I will be that kind of person soon. =)

I am Not a Quitter Nor Loser

Grab every opportunity

Think as fast as the lightening

Cherish every moment

Laugh as no one can listen

Cry as much as a baby

Brave as brave as a warrior

Work as a professional person

Dress to impress people

Walk as if on the runaway

Run as if on the stadium track

Fly to reach the sky

Swim into the deep ocean

Hurt and to be hurt

Pain as it leads to death

… As long as it will not cause you to death, Face it! Go through it! If one opportunity is closed, don’t you ever regret because you have tried. A failure is cannot determine you as a loser. A loser can be labeled only if you are a quitter. If one door is closed, much more doors are still opening and waiting for you to enter. The opening door may not seen as beautiful as the diamond closed door, but it may consist of priceless happiness, love and promising future.

:) Apa pun yang terjadi, berjalanlah tanpa henti. Pelangi yang indah hanya akan muncul selepas hujan.

Monday, October 25, 2010

A little bit weird

Weird? why do i feel weird? coz this week.. is not as hectic as previous weeks. Of coz I have some works to do… but yeah.. its weird. Am I forgot to do something? haih.. ape… apekah ia. >.<

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Last Sunday in Malaysia

Excited, Scared, Nervous, Happy.. these feelings are mixing up together. But it doesn’t limit me to go there. Because this is a once in a lifetime chance and who knows this is another starting point for another ‘door’. Owh… where is the ‘there’? Nantes, France. I have got an offer letter for master research student placement (2 months) in IRCCYN, Nantes, France. During this final month in Malaysia, I am totally busy with settling all this thing + my works.

This is my first time to go there. Being alone at foreign country, who did not feel scared. I have to be extra careful, extra alert. But Alhamdulillah, I have some contacts assisted by my supervisor. And the most important thing is bless from my family; mak, ayah, and bae. Their supports and encourages have gave me the ’semangat’ to proceed with this trip.

Dear Allah, please protect me from any kind of bad thing, people and situation.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weekly Winner - Portal Pendidikan Utusan

Sedang mengemas2 files n folders dalam computer ni, tibe2 terjumpa captured screen ni.


I used to be the weekly winner for Portal Pendidikan Utusan. During that time I was 14 years old/Form 3.

Friday, October 22, 2010

I am now

Tired || Exhausted

Very very very

Work Work Work

I need some rest tonight before continue doing my works tomorrow. Hopefully what I have planned will went well. Amin.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Serba serbi tidak kena

Hendak ku makan... aku tak lalu
Hendak ku pulang ke rumah... aku fikirkan kerja di pejabat
Hendak ku mark jawapan test student2 ni.. aku fikirkan kerja di depan mata ni
Hendak ku bangun dari kerusi ini... tak boleh... kerja banyak lagi
Hendak ku alihkan pandangan dari skrin komputer... tak boleh... kena meneliti variable2 yang ada dalam program ni...

Bertenang... bertenang... bertenang

Thursday, October 14, 2010

2nd Post via Windows Live Writer 2011 (WLW 2011)

Bonjour! This is my 2nd post using WLW. Who introduced it to me? Of coz my IT sifu, my brother.

Let me just give you an overview of this application. Windows Live Writer 2011 is a tool that you can use for posting without using the internet browser. You will no need to experience like a typical way for blogging where you must open the browser, log into your blog, dashboard and etc. By using this application, you just need to launch it and then start writing like in a normal posting page. It is totally easy and simple step to update your blog. This application is not only supports Blogger but also other popular blog service provider such as LiveJournal and WordPress.


This application is compatible with WinXP, Windows 7, and Windows Vista.

You can download the application by the following link;


Windows 7 and Windows Vista


Sample Layout of the WLW 2011


Ku.. bersyukur pada mu Illahi – Syukur. Sing by Jamal Abdillah.

Ya Allah, ku bersyukur pada mu kerana Engkau kurniakan keluarga yang tidak penah jemu for supporting myself from every aspect.

Wahai Shakirah, jangan la lupa jasa keluarga.

Family will never abandon you. They are the persons…

… who feel happier for your happiness

… who feel more sad for your sadness

… who feel proud of your successfulness

… who will never jealous of your achievement

… who will try their best to fulfill your desire

… who will always with you in any kind of situations



I am proudly to say… “Dear mak, ayah, bae… I LOVE YOU ALL. Thanks for everything”.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tips for buying electronic stuffs

Make sure you check the condition of the thing that you wanted to buy before you do the purchase. If the salesperson tell that you must purchase then you can check.. NO USE ANYMORE. Why? Because their goal are usually to sell the item. You paid, then you check. Of course before you pay they will say, "It is okay. They will replace it with the new one if the item that you purchased is broken.". What if the item SOLD is broken? You have already paid.
There are three (3) possibilities:

  1. They will replace it with the new one. What if there is no other stocks available?
  2. They will ask you to claim the warranty which you have to wait for another 3 weeks till you get it back.
  3. You want your money back? You can't because the purchased item has already keyed-in into the system.
Here you can see the power of money. You have right on your money as long as you are holding it. Before you let it go to other people's hand, please please please ensure it is worth it! Don't easily give your money without checking the item that you wanted to buy because once you purchased, it is hard to get you money back even the item is broken.

Have a safe shopping!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

ISO setting for phone/digital camera

ISO... maybe you have seen this thing but you don't bother what it is. Before I start telling the use of ISO setting on your camera, let me starts with what thing that leads me to this information.

I am planning to buy a new compact digital camera. Which the common digital cameras that I used to see are usually lack quality during low light scene. This is the most problem that I have seen when I have night event. Don't talk about DSLR here.. it is for sure very good in this situation. Again.. I am talking about compact digital camera. So.. during my searching, I have found this information about ISO. This setting can be usually seen on digital camera and also some of mobile phone. I am currently using HTC phone and its camera has this setting. That is why I wanted to know what is the function of ISO setting.

Okay. Back to our topic. ISO is a camera's function that set's the sensitivity of the camera's image sensor. In a simple word, it is related to the brightness or light during capturing. The lower number of ISO means lower light and it leads to lower noise. So the result of your image will be a little bit darker than the photo with higher ISO.

Below are some tips for ISO setting (source):
  1. ISO 100 - 200: sunny conditions
  2. ISO 400 - 800: overcast or it is evening time
  3. ISO up to 1600: night time or in cases of low light you might need to set your digital camera ISO to 1600. If you don't then your photo will appear too dark if at all.
Selamat mencuba!


Hello! Bienvenu to my blog. This the Xth number of blog that I have. Why Xth? because I couldn't remember how many blogs that I had created before. I'm creating this public blog as requested by my brother. I hope I can share my value-able experience with the readers here.

Bienvenu = Welcome