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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Cadbury ada unsur khinzir?

Dah masuk news
dah tengok form yang di edarkan di media sosial dan blog.. banyak persoalan yang timbul sebenarnya.

This is the problem kalau jadi orang analytic. Hmmm..

1. Mana datang coklat tersebut? Adakah yang dibeli diluar negara? Balik dari bercuti.. beli coklat tu kat overseas?
2. Coklat yang di palsukan? atau coklat "cetak rompak"? Possible tak untuk dapat yang lebih murah tapi di jual pada harga sama dengan 'original'?
3. Memang benar disengajakan?
4. Adakah sumber stock dari luar negara kemudian dijual di sini?
5. dalam form yang disebarkan tu ejaan dia Cabbury.. bukan Cadbury. Jadi sahih kah form tu? Atau memang wujud coklat yang bernama Cabbury?

Banyak kemungkinan. Tapi kalau timbul perasaan ragu-ragu, baik tinggalkan lah. Makanlah coklat yang lain. Tapi kalau ada yang memang sengaja nak buat fitnah, hentikanlah tabur fitnah. Yang tak pasti pulak, janganlah sebarkan maklumat yg kita sendiri tak pasti.. nanti kita pulak jadi ejen fitnah.

Update 24 May 2014:

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Know your high heels

Now let's see what I have and my review on each brand...

M&S Collection - Wider fit from Mark and Spencer
Type: round toe pump
A good news for those wide feet people! This is the high heels that is very comfortable for us. There is a soft layer of cloth inside this heels that covers toe box area (front-half of the shoes). This layer helps to protect your toe from suffering for blister. I don't need to wear any socks. It has been 3 weeks I own this high heels, so far the material; sole, insole, heels is superb. It looks like and feel new. Dear wider feet people, you should have 1!

Clarks - Softwear
Type: round toe pump
I love this high heels. A part from its comfortableness, its price makes me 'fasting' from buying any new shoes for 4 months. This shoes is very very very comfortable. I can even run in it (okay.. a bit... from security check to airport gate). Sadly... after 2 weeks I own this heels, the inside layer was flaking into small pieces. outside, no problem. The outside condition looks like a brand new especially the sole. 

The most bottom right
Type: Peep-Toe Platform
No flakes produced, price is affordable even it is leather. Age: 1yo

The most bottom left
Type: Peep-toe platform slingback 
The platform is not that thick. So this high heel is actually high - less cheating. This is not leather. Some flakes produced after sometime I haven't used it. This costs not that pricy. I have bought when it was "New arrival"... now, less 50%. T_T

The most upper side
Charles and Keith
You can read the review over here... Baru ku tahu jenis-jenis kasut perempuan

Type: Peep-Toe Platform
This high heels is a bit 'small' and the material is quite 'tough' - My feet feels like wearing corset. I love the blue color and its design. And the material for its heels is superb!

Most left level G
Type: Peep-Toe Slingback wedges
I have been using this heels for 2 years!!! no flakes produced. My foot was suffering for A little bit of blister but I have overcome by applying some candle around it.

Type: Peep-toe T-strap Wedges
This is super comfortable especially for wider feet. This heels 'merajuk' right after I bought Clarks above. It is dark blue, I love it more.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Salute to the bakers

It is public holiday. How do I spend my am session? I bake! This intension comes after hundreds of time watching BBC Lifestyle - Eric Lanlard, Great British Bake Off, Rachel Khoo, Rachel Allen. Bake looks very easy! I did quick look on some websites to get the recipe. It looks very tempting! Not wasting more time on watching, yesterday, I was determined to get all those equipments, and goods to bake cream puff with custard.

This morning, I have found another recipe but with whipped cream. Another easy peasy recipe. I starts baking at 10 am.. and its done at 1pm. What???

I did two fillings; custard and whipped cream.

What makes baking is tough?
  • I cannot apply my agak-agak measurement. When it states 60g, it must be 60g. Do not trust table spoon, cups...
  • I tend to overdone the batter. Well, when I cook the main dish, the more time I cook them the better its taste. Big NO for desserts. yes for my whipped cream, i did over done it. due to that, it splits between the cream and water. now, it looks like an ice cream! For my custard filling, when we over cooked it like few seconds only, it will turn into oily batter. at this level, fridge is may savior. let everything to cool down and set.
  • Which bake pan is suitable? i learnt my lesson. if i already have the non sticky pan, never layer it with additional butter to avoid the puff from stick onto the pan. See the name.. it is NON-STICKY pan! just trust the pan. this additional butter will makes the puffs taste very oily. - another failure here!
I salute to those who knows how to bake and manage to produce such a yummy dessert. This failure makes me appreciate those foods sell by the bakery. It is not easy peasy as I can see. 

My advice, If you are not the dessert person, u dont know how to bake, you are stubborn and hard to follow the rules like me, but sometimes u do want to have dessert, just get it from the bakery, or you can find any online bakery. Give them cash, u get your desserts. 

Below is the picture of cream puffs with generous custard and whipped cream filling. Probably my last cream puffs I made.

Now, I should just focus on main dishes because that is my specialty. Cook with heart.