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Monday, January 10, 2011

Travelling: Flight Abu Dhabi - KLIA

“Perjalanan jauh tak ku rasa kerana hati ku melonjak sama ingin berjumpa sanak saudara yang selalu bermain di mata..” – ini adalah perasaan time baru berlepas dari Abu Dhabi pada 1 January 2011, 2.50am. Semangat betoi! Hihihihi!

During this trip I was seating next to a Malaysian student who’s studying in Russia. He is in his final year of study.

As usual, dalam flight adalah ‘aktiviti’ menghilangkan bengang di telinga – makan dan minum.

Menu pertama iaitu menu alas perut, chicken sandwich + pineapple juice + water.


Selepas makan, masa untuk tido…


kapal terbang gelap, semua tido, tapi mata ni terkebil2 layan movie Avatar berserta effect goyang yg real (kapal terbang bergoncang) T_T

Selepas 3-4 jam…


Ini adalah menu breakfast. Sorry, to be frank, this time tak sedap. Pening kepala lepas makan + pening yg sedia ada.


Picture di atas adalah map. As you can see ada curve2 kat lautan tu kan… Ya Ampun… berjam2 kapal terbang bergoncang. Setelah menahan pening selama 4-5 jam, picture yang berikutnya adalah jam yang terakhir…


dah tak tahan pening dah. dorg dah kasi beg kertas incase nk muntah. I believe ramai yang pening sebab ramai yg ulang alik toilet and muke ‘bengkak’ je. As requested, pramugari pun bagi ubat a.k.a panadol. They asked me to take 2 tablets (500mg each) and after that, fuh… tido lena! But the ‘sweetdreams’ only lasting for about 20 minutes because we were about to landing in after 30 minutes.

Sleepy + excited!


Only Allah knows how happy I was when I saw KLIA’s traffic controller tower.

Walking out from the plane…

Catch the shuttle…

Validating my passport. Thank God I am Malaysian and we have magnetic passport. So it takes less than 2 minutes to pass the immigration.

Waiting for my cargo’s bag…

Walking out to meet my parents.

(I forgot to copy the picture from my brother)

Hugging and kissing scene (and crying also)… me? I am happy but……… I WANT TO GO TO THE TOILET!!!!!

Then the touching feeling scene continues. Hihihihi! Our next destination is Penang. Wehooooo!!!

Then we stop at R&R Rawang to perform solat and have something to eat. OMG… I everything looks delicious! And of course my target is spicy foods.


I took nasi with curry + sambal tumis ikan kembung + chicken nugget.

I ‘pow-ed’ my mum’s sambal belacan and her nasi with masak lemak cili padi. perghhhh…

Owh ya… my brother has prepared an e-placard to welcome my arrival in the airport. Here it is…


“CHUCKY I’m your supir… hehehe. Welcome back”

hihihihi thank you bro! its so sweet! :D

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