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Monday, November 07, 2016

Insulting in public doesn't lift you up. It defines who you are.

End of the year 2016 - matte lipstick trend - dark color.

I love makeup since my teenager's life. I have tried multiple brands and various makeup tools and ways. Pink - soft pink is way too safe - looks young, natural, fresh and match in most of the occasions. These are reasons why every woman will have at least one pink lipstick. As a frequent lipstick user, until when I have to play safe? I can use this color until I reach 80 years old.

This year, I try one step ahead with dark maroon lipstick. It is kind of bold step for me. By using this lipstick, I have to be very careful on my makeup and outfit including my shawl. Know how to balance it.

This 'culture' or 'view' is still awkward for some people. I may look crazy or psycho for them. Some people cannot accept it.. because they are not used to it. It is okay with me.

Because of some people cannot accept this new changes, I was insulted by them on my face and in front of public.
"You look like conjuring."
"You look like hantu."
"You look like orang tua."
"You look like hantu kak limah."

I just afford to reply, this is a new trend.

Some of you may think why I didn't respond back in harsh words? It is because they can't accept it. No matter what I say, they will just refuse to try to understand. They can't accept that this is different from what they used to see.

What is their right to say those harsh words to me?
What is their right to hurt my feeling for the things that their mind can't accept it?
What is their right to humiliate me in public?

Because they are older than me?

"Biasalah.. orang tua". No. This perception should stop. No matter how old you are, you should respect everyone.

I am still young, and I should try this color. Later, when I reach their age, I am not going to use this color anymore - later jadi orang tua tak sedar diri pula. At least I have tried this bold color.

I am the same Shakirah no matter what lipstick color that I am using.