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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Merci Beaucoup

… My supervisor, Abdul Rahim Ahmad for giving the opportunity to come to France
… French Embassy in Malaysia for arranging the allowance and procedure to come to France
… My mother, father, and brother for supporting my flight ticket, preparation to come to France
… Egide, for giving the monthly allowance, driver to fetch me from the airport, sponsored for my hotel and TGV ticket
… Kedutaan Malaysia di France, who keep their eyes on me
… Zakaria and family for allow me to stay with you and bring me to visits some places through out the whole 2 months
… Safuan, final year student of Ecole Polytech who taking care of me during my time in Ecole
… Christian Viard-Gaudin and Harold for assisting me regarding handwriting
… other friends, Emily and fiancée, Soufean, Lee and other lab mates, Amina, Xiao Xi, Asiah, Montasser and wife and his daughter, and other IVC member of Ecole Polytech, Nantes
… My co-supervisor, Azizah Suliman who always makes me feel better when I feel bad regarding my works and capability
… Nurliyana Zulkarnain, who’s listening for my babbling, accompany me during afternoon
… Karimah Umar, who keep her eyes on my car di hostel
… My KZ friend, Akzer, My ex-student, and UNITEN friends, who spend their time to comment on my wall post and picture
… Everyone who pray for my safety

For new people that I meet when in France, it was a great pleasure for having a chance to know all of you. Keep in touch.

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