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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Resepi Sambal Ayam Penyet

Berapa ramai dah pernah rasa nasi ayam penyet? Mula-mula memang agak skeptikal sikit dengan ayam penyet... ingatkan macam mana la rupa dan rasanya. Sekarang ni kan penjual nasi ayam penyet bercambah bagai cendawan.

Ayam penyet ni sama saja macam nasi ayam. Cuma kombinasi lain sedikit.

  • Nasi putih (ada sesetengah penjual guna nasi kukus beras wangi)
  • Ayam belah 4 digoreng (Bukan ayam berempah)
  • Sambal <- faktor utama yang membezakan setiap ayam penyet
  • Tempe & tauhu
  • Sayur ulam - seperti kangkung, timun, kobis. Semua sayur 'sejuk' untuk cool down sambal yang super pedas.

Ayam penyet yang popular di BB Bangi adalah Wong Solo dan Ayam Penyet AP. Siapa yang suka pedas, Wong Solo adalah pilihan terbaik. Ada 3 jenis sambal; sambal ayam penyet, sambal kicap, dan sambal asam (very mild).
Set Nasi Ayam Penyet Wong Solo

I just want to highlight resepi sambal ayam penyet yang menjadi igauan dan pembuka selera masa makan. Based on reverse engineering dan cubaan, akhirnya berjaya! Usaha itu tangga kejayaan.

20 tangkai cili padi merah (Segenggam)
1 tangkai cili merah
4 ulas bawang merah kecil (boleh gantikan dengan 1 ulas bawang merah besar)
4 ulas bawang putih
1 asam keping
1.5 sudu garam
3 sudu minyak masak

Step 1:
Bersihkan bawang putih dan merah, cili padi, cili merah.
Bawang putih dihiris kasar.
Bawang putih di titik.
Cili merah di kepak.

Step 2:
Panaskan air dalam periuk/non-stick pan. 
Masukkan semua bahan dalam Step 1. 
Rebus sampai lembik (dalam 10-15 minit). 

Step 3:
Angkat dan Toss.
Masukkan bahan ke dalam pengisar.
Masukkan 2 cawan air.
Kisar selama 5 SAAT. (Biarkan teksture kasar).

Step 4: 
Masukkan bahan dalam STEP 3 ke dalam periuk/pan tadi.
Tambah 3 sudu minyak.
Biarkan mendidih sampai kering.
Kacau jika perlu.

Step 5: 
Masukkan 1 - 1.5 sudu teh garam halus.
Masukkan sekeping asam keping.
Tambah sedikit air. Gaul rata.
Step 6:
Bila dah kering, pecah minyak, tandanya dah masak.
At this point memang azab sikit sebab hidung akan sakit dengan aroma pedas tu.

Sambal ni boleh la bertahan dalam 3-4 kali hidangan.

I just love to have this sambal each time makan nasi. Tak kira lah makan dengan gulai/kari, ikan bakar... anything will do untuk ubah selera sambal belacan ke sambal ayam penyet.

Selamat mencuba!

Warning: Sambal ni memang sangat pedas. We will not be responsible for any injury, illness, death, loss.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Jatuh tapi tak tersungkur

Selepas beberapa kali merenung, mendiamkan diri, menyesuaikan diri dengan sebahagian 'hidup' baru, finally baru dapat kekuatan to announce to all my friends that the relationship between me and 'the-unlucky-guy' has ended a few months ago (You did not noticed any difference pun kan).

I have gone through a rough time dealing with emotion; heart breaking, frustration, pain, bleeding which I cannot find and cure the wound. Nangis guling-guling? Not shy at all to admit YES. I did. I went to work, meet my my colleagues, students with panda eyes (thanks to the inventor for concealer). 

But to get frustrated menonggeng sampai abaikan kesihatan, family, my job... BIG NO. I have a lot more responsibilities. So I have decided to move on. 
I have my family
I have my income/job/students
I have my assets
I have my car
I have some savings for wedding which I have spent ALL of it <-- shopping therapy. And believe me, it does really works.

This is an example of it is good for a woman to have their own income. So that when we get dump, we can still survive (I never think that I will be dumped like this). It was a flawless relationship but when Allah said no, it is BIG NO. We always pray for the best and ask Allah to show us the path... and He has decided this is our destiny. Alhamdulillah this incident was happening before marriage.

I am very lucky to have a group of people that are very supportive in every aspect. They are my family, friends, my job, and my new love; twin cats. I think I managed to overcome the bad feeling after several days.

Allah Maha Adil. He has sent 'the-unlucky-guy' for some reasons. He took him away from me at the right moment. He has replaced him with something better. It may not be a love from human, but he is replacing it with a loyal love from my cats, good career, good bosses, good job, good students and many more. Some people are very lucky to found jodoh awal, but for those who has not found yet, we are lucky in some different ways. Bila ada tu, adalah. Prioritize.. bukan desperate. 

I let go some gifts that I have not used recently. A part of relief. Some of them I am still using it - expensive and usable. But one thing I wish, I wish the ring was made by gold so that I can sell it back. Haih.. so girls, I have a short but sweet advise for you.. if you have boyfriend, ask for 916 GOLD RING/accessories... the most cheapest 916 ring also can.

In conclusion, other than love to human, a person, a man... there are so many other things that are important in our life. If he does not love you anymore, FINE... many other people loves you. Don't forget your responsibility. Aim to be a better person.

Now forget about Lagu Ella - Sembilu yang mendayu-dayu nangis guling-guling.
We move on to Jacklyn Victor - Separuh Jiwaku.

So please after this do not ask about "Bila lagi nak langsung?", "Bila nak kahwin?" dan seangkatannya...

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Anugerah Akademik UNITEN Tahun 2014

Kategori Anugerah Akademik Harapan bagi Kategori Pengajaran

Alhamdulillah. I dedicate this award to mak, ayah, and my brother.
  1. Thank you to my parents and brother for their endless support, to my bosses for the trust and nomination, to my friends and to my students. 
  2. Passion in teaching is a must but the knowledge on how to do it is crucial. It will direct us to applies the correct methods and target for the achievable goal.
  3. I admit the 'instruction' from my boss to attend part-time Diploma in Teaching and Learning does helps me in improving my teaching skills. I may know how to teach before but without guideline, it is similar like driving a car without having a license/pass the driving test. I got some tips from some experienced lecturers on what to achieve in this academic field especially Prof. Zainal Ariffin. They are very positive people. Thank you to all my teachers/lecturers. 
  4. I do enjoy teaching. For me, ever semester starts a new chapter. I may be assigned to teach same or different subject, I may face same or different students, different attitude and drama. Different subject sometimes need different ways to handle it. It is a challenge for me to find the best teaching method for every session. 
  5. Honest. Open our heart to accept any new subject assign to us. Sometimes, it is a bit tough. Of course it is tough since we will explore something new (learnt but may be forgotten after sometimes). But, think about the trust that your boss has given to you. They trust your capability. Proof you can do it. 
  6. My students.. former students.. without all of you, this award may not belongs to me. Thank you.
  7. Satisfied? Yes but it is not a stopping point for me. A lot more things to be improved. 
  8. Never stop improving ourselves. There is always a room to be improved. We are not perfect, we can never be perfect. But we can deliver our ultimate best. 
  9. Rezeki. It is a gift from Allah to me. I have gone through a quite tough time in these few months. But Allah has replaced the sadness with this happiness. 
Thank you Mak, Ayah, my brother Shukeri, COIT's Dean Dr Siti Salbiah, My Former HOD Dr Azizah, My current HOD Dr Salman, and all others. May Allah bless all of you.