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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Hangout: ‘Old-Uni’ Friends

Though miles may lie between us

we are never far apart,

for friendship doesn’t count miles

its measured by heart


After about 1 and half years we didn’t gather at the same time and event, finally we meet on last Thursday. Lepaking, chatting, eating, photo session – rasa macam zaman uni (foundation) dulu je :D

Thanks Yana, Sha, Ezan, and Ili for coming. The day would be much merrier if Shira comes along. But she couldn’t be able to make it due to her work commitment.


Me and Yana came quite early that day. We went to some gadget shops. I was kind of ‘jakun’ to see the ‘new’ Mines because the last time I went to there was about a few years back (still under renovation).

When everybody is there, we went to Nandos’ to fill our ‘grrrrrlll’ tummy – very hungry.


Yana, Sha, Ezan, Ili - 4 of them with a packet of sweets from France.

Our ‘appetizer|starter’ is TGV’s popcorn that is very well known as delicious popcorn ever!




1/4 Peri Chicken Extra Hot with 2 Sidelines


TGV Cinemas di Mines dah berubah wajah! This cinema looks really exclusive with the new look – cool!


We are heading to ‘taman permainan air’ (I forgot the name) located at the roof top of new wing.



Jika ikut hati, nak stay lama lagi utk lepak, tapi since dah hujan tiba2… tak dapat la nak lepak lama2. That day was a great day. Really miss you all.

P.s: Congratulations to dear Sha for your recruitment in Microsoft. I am so happy for you… I believe, WE ARE so happy for you!

Keep in touch girls.


Credit: Some pictures from Yana’s Facebook.

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