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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Musim Durian Dah Tiba

Durian - Raja segala buah. Tak semua org boleh tahan dengan bau durian. In my family, I am the one who’s ‘hantu’ durian. One day masa OTW dr Penang nk balik kampung atok kat Perak, singgah la kat pekan nak beli buah. Tiba2 ternampak buah durian. I said to my bro, “durian tu sedap tak ha”. He replied, “P la tengok”. Then I was thinking about him. He couldn’t stands with the smells of it – pening kepala. Pity him pulak if dia pening kepala and kena drive lagi. Then I said NVM I can get it from Pasar malam putrajaya nanti. We just walk away.

After went back from kampung, my bro n dad were having boys-afternoon. They went out to get some air kelapa. Me and mak were cooking some delicious foods (next post) at home. When they get back, I saw a bag of durian. OMG… touching feelingnye. TQVM bro!!! Although the smells can makes you feel sick, u still get it for me!

Malam tu lepas ada space sikit dalam perut ni, cobaan membuka durian dimulakan.

I was showing off to my brother. I admit I know how to kopek this fruit.

Ouch. Tibe3 terkena duri. It doesn’t hurt at all. I just saw its bleeding. :(
Then my mum helped me <—she is a supermum. *heart* you mum!
She’s able to kopek it for me.


That night we’ve opened 2 bijik – literally my mum did it. Another 1 is remained for my dad -  he’s already fall asleep. I eat almost 90% of those opened. Fuhhhh kenyang sangat! I love to eat durian yang kaler dia kuning cair ni sebab rasa dia sngt soft and manis.

Pagi tu bangun2 tido, I saw my dad has left me another half of the fruit. I finished it all by my own. Yummy!


Tips… don’t forget to drink some water from the pangsa… many times pon takpe. This helps so much utk elakkan drpd panas badan akibat makan durian. I just follow petua org tua2. Tak berani la pulak tak buat kan sebab tak nak risk demam tu.

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