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Thursday, February 17, 2011

How to Hide Iron’s Mark on Your Blazer

MY BAD!!! One day, I accidently set the temperature of iron as Max – I didn’t noticed it. Then I straightly iron my blazer.


I have got this mark.


I used to wear this blazer only once. Tak kan nak buang kan?

One day, I was thinking about how to hide it. I tried to put ribbon. but it looks weird. Then I have got an idea to put some beads on it – Why don’t?

I am using 2 types of beads – fancy (silver) and Japan (dark grey). Japan beads is a little bit small. The price is also a little bit higher than other beads.

Macam-macam cara nak buat. I referred to the internet. Alahai.. susahnye nak ikut step orang lain. Then I start to do it by instinct.

Nak jahit garis lurus je pon jadi senget. A few times jugak la try and a few times tu was around 3-4 jam.


A try sewing on a box – to get straight view. – still… senget.

Final solution…


Graf/Maths paper

Senang nak buat kotak2 and dapat straight line




The iron mark is hidden.

Then tangan gatal2 nak tambah manik pada butang pulak.


Conclusion: It is not an easy thing to sew beads especially to draw the straight line.

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