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Friday, February 11, 2011

Wedding Day of Safuan and Wife

Selamat pengantin baru

Selamat berbahagia

Semoga ke anak cucu

Selamat sejahtera

1st of all, thanks for the invitation. Me and my family sangatlah berbesar hati menerima jemputan ke majlis reception yang telah berlangsung pada minggu lepas di Dewan Merak Kayangan, KL ni.


We arrived during both of them tengah bersanding. So while we are eating, all of the ‘procedure’ adat is ongoing on the stage – merenjis air mawar or tepung tawar.



I missed to capture the main dishes because its smell, and look really good AND it tastes REALLLLLYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

So here is the dessert. I took this yummy creamy cheese cake.


Done with dessert, its time to meet the bride and groom.


This bride was wearing a very beautiful dress. I LOVE IT + her makeup looks really natural but stunning as a queen of the day. And here is the pelamin. Simple but so lovely with the flowers decoration.


I love the goodies given. Its a piece of cake with chocolate sauce as the topping. So yummy!!!

P.s: I don’t know if you remember or not in my previous post, I have mentioned about Safuan. He is one of my friend in France. He studies at the same place as where I have been placed.

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