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Friday, February 11, 2011

Makan: Tauhu Bakar from JM Bariani BB Bangi

JM Bariani is another place that serves this delicious Tauhu Bakar (…selain nasi briyani ayam yang sedap!!!)

Kebetulan my brother has a meeting around here, we went out for having Hi-tea once after he finished his meeting. We couldn’t decide where to to eat and finally I came out with a suggestion to have this yummy ‘snack’.


Here, the tauhu bakar is served with thick peanut gravy + a lot of additional baked peanut on top of it. Although the ingredient is including taugeh (bean sprout), I couldn’t even taste the existence of it. This is good because for those who hate the smell of taugeh (like me), can also eat this cuisine. The vegetables taste also really fresh and crunchy. This is another reason for me to love this meal.

(Owh my… I suddenly feels hungry) :(

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