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Monday, October 06, 2014

Fish4cats - Finest Rich in Salmon (Dry foods)

Before I adopt a cat, I only know some popular brand for cat foods such as Whiskas, and Friskies. There are many advertisements about these 2 brands. I never know there are hundreds more brand available out there. 

In May 2014, when I was about to adopt my Twin Cat, adik and abang, I went to a pet shop's website, Pet Lovers Centre (PLC). There are many choices of cat foods available; from wet to dry foods, price range from RM10 up to RM200, foods for kitten, cat or adult cat and many more options! I heard about one exclusive brand, Royal Canin (RC). I was planned to get that brand for my cats. When I went to PLC, I went through few brands (again and again), types, and their ingredients. Too bad one of the RCs available consists of Pork. :( 

I asked the sales assistant which brand that consists of fish? He understands my situation. He has introduced to me Fish4Cats brand. He said it consists of fish and some vegetables.

Ingredient for Finest Fish 4 Cats (Codfish) as follows;
Cod 34%, Potato 21.3%, Herring Meal 26.5%, Salmon Oil 9.6%, Beet Fibre 5.2%, Brewers Yeast 2.0%, Minerals 0.8%, Vitamins 0.6%

In return, my cats love this food. I need to prepare 2 packs for a month. One pack (1.5kg) costs me RM 59.90 (Price before less 5% for PLC member).

A few months later, PLC have introduced a new cat foods available in their outlet from Fish4Cats also, Finest Salmon.

The weight and price is exactly same with the previous one. But maybe because of this food is made from salmon, it tastes better, now I need to buy 3 packs for a month. T_T

Let's see the ingredients;
Salmon Meal (33%), Fresh Salmon (22%), Sweet Potato (17%), Cassava (13%), Salmon Oil (8%), Fish Digest (2.5%), Sunflower Oil, Yeast Extract, Malt Extract, Pea Fibre, Dried Algae, Dried Cranberries, Minerals.

When they consume this foods, they are become more active, fit, and playful. On top of that, their fur becomes very soft.

I have tried to find this brand from other pet shops but it seems a bit rare. To be safe, just go straight to any Pet Lovers Centre outlet. You can check the products and outlet from the following link. http://bit.ly/diskaun999PLC

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