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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

110211 Happy Birthday Yana

Last Friday was Yana’s birthday. We have an ad-hock lunch-birthday-celebration since she said that she has no plan during the afternoon.
We set a time to meet at 11am in Alamanda. It was very easy to find parking since everybody is still working during that time. >.^

Birthday girl.
We went from one wing to another, and still couldn’t decide where to eat. For almost an hour pusing2, finally we decided to have pizza. Yummy2.
Meal 3 + Spaghetti Arabita

Sedapnye cheese ni… =P~

Yana: Chuck… sayer kenyang laaaa. :(
Finally… habis.
Window shopping time
It was on sale everywhere! Sungguh sukar melawan nafsu tapi both of us berjaya control it.

Cadar and comforter were on sale – not really my interest.

Owh my Dior~

I love this red bag. Gorgeous! *nose bleeding*

Done with Parkson.
Next Destination: Fotokem
Yana was looking for a lense because her ‘baby’ dah terjatuh and cracked. :(

This picture was taken during Hangout: ‘Old-Uni’ Friends

Then we went to Bagz Bar


This shop gives you multiple choices of choosing a handbag. You can find many popular brands such as Paris Hilton, JLo, and Elle.

Yana with Paris Hilton

This bag looks gorgeous! *heart-bleeding* again. I love it so much!

Another simple-lovely handbag. This bag makes me feel very santai when I holding it. I love this one too.

Then we were heading to Baskin Robbins.

Laju je dia bila nampak ice cream

As usual, bila pegi je sini akan rasa dulu flavor yang mana. Then I have decided to have cookies ‘N cream. Those who loves vanilla ice cream + oreo cookies, I strongly suggest you to try this flavor.


Yana got herself an ice cream with raspberry flavor. Yummy2.

Yana: Chuck, seat situ kosong. Aku g cop cepat.
Me: Ha… lari cepat. Lari! Lari!


End up we lepak kat depan Big Apple menghadap kedai phone sambil berbincang soal kerjaya dan masa depan.

One of the topics discussed (out of the topic) is green tea. I suggest her to buy the Green Tea from OSK brand. I planned to show her how the tea looks alike.

We went to Cold Storage but…


It was OUT OF STOCK. Sobs2.
Owh princess of the day, this is the packet that you were suppose to see on that day.

Picture from posting Japanese Green Tea

Walking… and walking… walking continues…


Actually we went into sooooo many other shops;
Al-Ikhsan, Guess, Nike, Primavera, Swatch, Quicksilver, Aldo, Sasa, Watsons, Bonia
As the conclusion of this post,
Happy Birthday Yana!


  1. awww so cute u guys..n ok yana ikat rambut pon cantik!! korang x beli ke handbag2 tuu...aaa nanti kite gi shopping bersama2 kk korang pon shopaholic gak so it'd be funnn hehe

  2. sha: ahaaa in reply to "yana ikat rambut pon cantik" -- i KNOWWWW ryteee! haahahahahaa! :P no la kiddin. tq babe. ^_^ yes we should go shopping together.!