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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tempe Goreng di Nims Little Island

Comel je nama kedai ni kan. I used to post a review on this menu before (Dinner with Tempe-Girls). Since I am moving back to my hometown, me and my tempe-girls are planned to have our final dinner together here. Setelah di recommended by these girls… i have decided to try it.
Here is the tempe goreng

Time makan, masing2 tried to apply reverse-engineering method to figure out the recipe. I forgot to mention that 4 of us order menu makanan yang sama.
I have made a HUGE mistake by having tempe with Ice blended milo

Both sangat sedap! Tapi both kan creamy and makes me cepat kenyang. tempe tu tak habis. terpaksa tapau.
Another menu air yang patut dicuba di sini adalah this SODA GEMBIRA

Soda that is served with rose syrup, vanilla ice cream, and ice.

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