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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stuck! di petrol station

Once upon a time, I sent my father to his office. During my way back home, I stopped by at a petrol station to topup my Touch n Go. When I want to continue my journey, my car won’t start. There is no spark to starts the engine. I keep on trying to start, lock and unlock the car, auto start and still no good response from the engine. I couldn’t reach my father through phone. Then I contacted my mother to get my father’s office number and told her my situation. She said she will send it to me. Then she called again…
Mother: Adik, mak dah sent number ayah. Tp cuba adik check kat gear tu. Ntah2 kat gear reverse.
Me: *terlopong* Ok. sat nak check.
SHE IS RIGHT! The current gear is N. This is the reason for the car refused to start.


P.s.: I did the call inside the convenient store. Not inside my car.

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