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Friday, March 11, 2011

Lemang Kebab Stall di Food Court Rasa Alamanda

This stall is introduced by Cik Alia. She said kebab served here tastes unique and yummy. We went there to have our dinner together since this is the final week I’m staying here.



This is my plate. Some calamari and ‘powed-alia’s-chicken-kebab’.

Mhm… this kebab tastes different from ordinary pasar malam’s kebab (my TOP favorite especially during Ramadhan's bazaar) which typically use roti pita or roti bun panjang tu. This is more like K*C’s Twister – the one that has popcorn chic, vege and wrapped by roti capati then baked.


More yummy bila makan menggunakan tangan - she said. :)

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