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Sunday, May 29, 2011

1st Experience terbang with FireFly

Last 2 weeks I have received a call offering me to join a workshop (by ministry) that is going to be held for a week at one of the hotel in Klang. I accept it! Then I have to think how will I go to KL? Driving alone? Definitely NOT! Finally I have decided to take jalan udara.

I choose FireFly sebab:

Penerbangan tambang murah (save some money while can!)

Lokasi mendarat di Subang airport

I have to travel alone

Sunday afternoon…

I drive to Penang airport sambil ditemani oleh my parents. (I have never experienced driving to this place! Now I have once.) Alhamdulillah selamat sampai jugak ke airport ni. This airport is under renovation. So, sila lah sabar bila kene berjalan jauh n tgh panas.



Since this is my 1st time nk depart dr airport ni… we’re just follow the signboard of “DEPARTURE” which there is actually another path to go to departure.


we have walked quite far (me with wedges from ++ Current Collection)

Finally sampai jugak la ke Check-in counter.



Sebelum check-in, you must scan your luggage (excluded hand carry)


Check your flight check-in counter number. Is it ready to check-in?



Its 25. Que here!


FYI… this board is telling you barang2 apa yg bole dibawak naik/hand carry.


This is boarding pass. This ‘receipt’ is reminding me of KFC. *nyam nyam*

Another 1st experience is coming along…


Jalan ke kapal terbang mcm ni. Where is my flight?


There… There!


Clean environment. I love it!


Utk Firefly, butang di atas ini bukan camera. Tetapi saluran air-cond. sila pusing utk rasa air-cond.

Its time to take-off!!! <—I love this part A LOT!!!!!!!

Here are some nice views utk cuci mata




Makan time.

Guava and… something like cake.


Its so fluffy!





Bila mata ttbe layu…, ”sila pakai tali pinggang anda…….”






an hour after take-off… Alhamdulillah. safely arrived.

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