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Sunday, September 23, 2012

My personal walk in "wardrobe"

Impian hati untuk memiliki build in wardrobe sebenarnya. Belum sampai rezeki lagi untuk ke tahap tu. End up I chose to get this very affordable hanger from IKEA.

Our (with my brother) first trial adalah sangat mengecewakan. Penyidai yang diidamkan sold out! 

A month later, we try our luck again. Lucky us, they have just restocked it! We've got ourselves 6 hangers (without even thinking how to carry it). The feeling is like nampak makanan atas tray masa buffet Ramadhan. 
All for me... ALL!

The concept of shopping in IKEA is cash and carry (except for furniture). This hanger requires just a little of time spent to join each of components/parts. Even a lady can do it!

Some important info if you want to go to IKEA. Their business hour!!!!

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