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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Maxis Broadband... Cut-off Settled!

Remember my previous post pasal Maxis dealer tu
Yesterday dah settled. Alhamdulillah.
I went to Maxis Centre Seberang Jaya. Its quite hard to find an empty parking space there. I tot that people are going to Maxis. I park my car quite far.. depan 2nd block. I received a warm greeting from their staff. After receiving my number giliran, I took a seat on the provided comfy chair. Not much waiting. Then its my turn. 

Here I would like to share on what you have to do to terminate your broadband account:
  1. Go to the nearest Maxis Centre bukan Maxis Dealer (in case you don't want to face any problem in the future).
  2. Settle your bill (at the counter or ATM machine)
  3. Fill in the termination form (usually they will fill in for you. You just have to handover your IC)
  4. Termination DONE! 
Maxis Staff: Ok miss, dah siap dah
Me: Eh, dah siap? Tu je?
Maxis Staff: Yes, kita dah terminate dah.

Double claps untuk Maxis Centre sekarang ni.

FYI, they have provided many... again... MANY Maxis-CIMB cash & cheque deposit machines for you to check your account details, and buat payment. You just have to key-in your phone/account number, then you can proceed with your business. 

Finally the machine will gives you this 'love-letter'.

Payment done!

Overall termination process takes not more than 5 minutes!
Well done Maxis!

I will definitely pay my future broadband bill di Maxis Seberang Jaya.

P.s.: I used to subscribed 2 broadband lines. Now dah cut-off 1, lega sket.

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