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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I am turning into 23!


Is it a binary code? 111011 (base 2) = 59 (base 10/decimal)? hihi... it is 11 oct 2011. Its my 23rd birthday! To be exact, I was born on 11 Oct 1988 at 10pm (2200).

Alhamdulillah, Allah still giving me a chance to live in this world with the lovely peoples around me.

This year's birthday... I feel like not going to celebrate it or maybe i will just going have a nice small makan-makan with my family during this weekend since my brother is coming back on Thursday! *wehoooo*

Birthday gift, I have got everything earlier. My brother had gave my birthday giftS 2 or 3 years ealier... n a lot more following gifts. Me feels so ashamed to ask for more. My parents... SAME! A lot... no... a BUNCH! I request nothing more than their bless.

Some people wish me Happy Birthday, Selamat Hari Jadi, Selamat hari Lahir, HB, Selamat Hari Tua... What ever it is, thank you for spending some of your time to write and post it on my wall. All of you are so sweet and I wish I can read and write each of your post into my heart and mind. Me request no more than to have an honest friend that treats me as a friend.

I hope this year's birthday will give me no more tears like what had happened to me last year. All the drama things, hurt... its my birthday People. ='(

But not to forget all of the birthday surprises for the past few years (which finally turned into a ROUTINE) with my closest friends. Haha! =))

My wish for my 23rd birthday,

  • Present my master and pass with flying colors
  • Get a job as a Lecturer
  • Further my study
  • Get my businesses stable
I hope Allah S.W.T. will fulfill all of my wishes. But yet, I am still respect his decision and fate. He knows the best.

My 23 years old is a year to survive. No more clingy needy this and that for an unimportant matter. 
I am growing-up.

Happy Birthday (Bon Anniversaire) to me.

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