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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Al-Quran’s Translation (Tafsir)

Assalamualaikum readers!

A few months ago I have been thinking about surah Al-Fatihah. During that day, while having lunch, me got ‘shock’ when there is a scene dalam drama… she reads this surah and followed by the translation (masa ni tak berapa ingat sangat). Terdetik dah hati ni… mcm ada benda jentik je saying, “Hey wakeup! Do you know the meaning of al-Fatihah?”. Then I have accidently read some articles and books telling this surah has so many ‘miracles’.

Tak kenal maka tak cinta,

Lafaz setiap kali dalam solat tapi tak tahu makna.

(Can both lines above jd pantun 2 kerat? haha)

Then I get my phone and ask Mr. Google to list out some websites that has the translation of Al-Quran. Cari punya cari, I have found this website;


It has the surah, followed by the translation in Malay or English. The layout is clean, and proper + the arabic font is readable.

Here is the home page.


Then you just click pada surah that you want.


Kalau nak select another surah bole select je kat kiri tu. It will redirect you to the selected surah’s page.

This page is accessible using mobile. So kalu tengah menunggu giliran ke, waiting for someone ke, boleh jugak spend time untuk baca tafsir ni.

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