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Monday, December 27, 2010

Visit: from Clisson to Port Meleu (Atlantic Ocean) to Pormic

26th December 2010, was a great day to remember. I spent my Sunday with Emily and her fiance (both of them are from Caribbean) to visit those great places such as the castle, beach, and we wrapped our day with a delicious creperie.

We started our journey from Malakoff (my house) to Clisson. The journey takes about 20 minutes using the highway (no toll okay).


This place is a small town but very peaceful. During the journey to this town, I saw so many grape vines – like paddy field in Malaysia. Since it is in winter season, I can see no grapes. This town is a well known place who’s produce wine in France.


Finally we have arrived around the castle area.

B0041 B0042

Since yesterday was a Xmas, the castle is closed. We just visit around that area including the recreational area.

B0043 B0044 B0045 B0046 B0047

Even though the weather is cold, there are so many peoples who still committed to jogging along the track provided – with T-shirt and short. While walking, there is a group of duck ‘happily swimming’ inside the cold water along the river. Their feather is really beautiful and they are not ‘dangerous’ at all. We just walk a quarter of the whole track because its really cold even it is really sunny day!!! I couldn’t really feel my leg and hand.
B0048 B0049 B0050 B0051

Grrrrrr~~~… okay, its time to eat. We find a place to stop to have our lunch since the journey to the beach will takes about an hour. Since it was freezing outside, we just have our lunch inside the car. Emily has prepared some rice with salads and tuna. Me? Bread with apricot jam. After been refreshed by  two glasses of peach juice, we continue our journey.

B0052 B0053

Finally… tadaaaa…. I saw the Atlantic ocean. Subhanallah… It is really beautiful! There are a lot of elite housing area along this beach. The scenery is really nice.

B0054 B0055 B0056 B0057 B0060

After ‘tanning’ ourselves under the sun and had cold refreshing windy from the ocean breeze, we have decided to get back into the car. Where is the next destination??? Eat creperie with strawberry!!!
We went to Pormic.


This town is a joint between river and ocean (macam kuala la). There is a well known restaurant who prepares the best creperie in town. But there is no strawberry in the house. So as suggested, I tried creperie with caramel and salted butter.


OMG… It is really delicious!!! I am going to request the recipe to make creperie from Emily ^_^
Then we decided to go back home.
Thank you very much to my dearest Emily and her fiancée for such a very great day and visits. I do really enjoy it. I feel so ease to meet and know you both. I hope we can meet again in other time.

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