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Sunday, December 19, 2010

I am coffee addict

When I was in my beloved country Malaysia, I am not this addicted to coffee. But when I am in France, tersangat addicted la pulak. Maybe because of the weather – cold, gloomy –> makes me feels sleepy. I have to take at least one cup of hot coffee to makes me awake for the whole day. It is really strange because before this coffee didn’t give any effect for my sleep.
I still remember during Chinese New Year week, me, my dad, travelling back from KL to Penang (to visit my grandma) using PLUS highway. And I love to find chances or any opportunity to get free gift during the journey especially free drinks from Vico, Nestle, Tropicana, Peel Fresh, Ribena <—these are the popular brands for free drinks promotion. So when we were in R&R Tapah, I saw some mini gazebos labeled Nestle. So I went there and took some Coffee (4 cups I think) – 1 for my dad, 1 for my brother, 2 for me. Owh I forgot to mentioned that my mum is not following us that day. She’s taking care of my late grandma in the hospital :’( . Okay, back to the topic. I took 2 mini glasses of coffee and a few minutes after that, I fall asleep until Penang. – weirdo!
Since November 2010, coffee takes effects on me. I don’t know why. Maybe because of coffee in French is the pure one? I don’t know. But all of them taste great. I started my addict by drinking coffee produced by this ‘monster’…
There are many choices of coffee. For the first trial during the first day in the ecole (school), I took Espresso. Why? I am afraid I will have ‘letusan gunung berapi’ dlm perut for taking lactose drink in the morning. The price of a cup of coffee from this machine is just 50cent – very cheap!!!!! and it taste really good. The thing that makes me wakeup in the morning to go to ecole is this coffee. :)
Day by day, I changed my taste from one type of coffee to another. Finally nothing satisfied me from this monster. It has lost its ‘X-Factor’. I turned into home-made coffee. I tried Ricore – not very strong coffee, and Plantation Arabica Expresso – this one suits my taste. Not really soft, neither too strong.
B0010Biskut kering cicah roti memang klasik lagi sedap

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