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Friday, December 31, 2010

Lone Ranger for End to End Tram Station

Sebelum pulang, nak la jugak ushar Nantes city ni… cuci mata. I have monthly ticket for TAN public transportation. This ticket gives me unlimited access and time to every of public transports here (bus, tram, boat). So I use it to see the environment through out the journey over those uncommon line. FYI, there are 3 lines for tram;
Line 1 – Francois Mitterrand <> Beaujoire
Line 2 – Orvault Grand Val <> Gare de Pont Rousseau
Line 3 – Marcel Paul <> Neustrie
These 3 lines are joined together at Commerce.
Journey that I took today;
Commerce > Francois Mitterrand > Commerce
Ada jugak tempat nama Laurier
Commerce > Gare de Pont Rousseau > Neustrie > Commerce
B0079 copy
Lawa kan station bus dorg
Lawa jugak kan design rumah ni?
Majority rumah banglo/lot kat sini either garaj kereta mcm ni or bawah tanah
It requires 1 hour for half of the journey (go and return) from commerce to one end. Since I feel hungry and I don’t want to miss Solat Zohor, I just went to one side of line 2 and 3.
Then I went to L’Oasis (again) to have a Chicken Kebab for my lunch. Then I went to Tourism Center (AGAIN) and get some more postcard.

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