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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Xmas Meal with IVC, Ecole Polytech Members

21 December 2010, we had a Xmas meal (makan2 ala2 potluck). Everyone brings along the foods and gift. Me? I have prepared some ‘Nasi goreng black pepper’ and ‘spageti goreng’.
I wokeup at 5am to prepare those meals. I have started at 5.20am and finished at 7.20am – 2 jam cukup2 kan??? hihihi. Since I woke up very early, perut pon masuk angin n rasa tak sedap badan. I didn’t eat anything because nak simpan space la kononnya utk jamuan nanti. On that day, I arrived early. I helped Emily to clean the plates and cutlery before attending a talk by my supervisor. While cleaning, Safuan has came and help us (I don’t have a picture with him). So we went together to the talk. It ends at 12+… dalam hati.. “Yes, I can eat now. I’m starving.”
and waiting… end up we started at 2pm. T____T
It starts from eating the appetizer meals + Xmas gift exchange. Since I was very hungry, I eat a lot of chips and nuts.
For the starter…… they served Oyster and Prawn – sponsored by our boss, Christian. I eat a lot of prawn for sure. And since oyster ni free, try jela. Yekkkkk.. tak tertelan. Wah.. dah kenyang sebab makan udang n nasi goreng td. Yang si lelaki2 sebok main game soccer tu. Yang perempuan, sembang… sembang and sembang. Ttbe dorg hidang Pancake + smoked salmon. OMG… mcm mana nk telan ni… da kenyang dah. Makan la sket sambil tak nengok salmon yg bakal dikunyah tu. Lepas tu dorg hidang hati itik – mmg tak makan la kan. And then dtg pulak sayur n cheese ni. I didnt eat it except for the tomato. Maaf pada peminat cheese mentah, bau cheese adalah ucuk. I rela lagi bau durian. Bersama2 bau ucuk cheese tu, we all nengok video 3D captured by Video camera 3D ni. Mmg real lah guna spek 3D ni. n then perut me n my supervisor dr Mesia pon dah kenyang, nak blk jela. Maghrib pon tak solat lagi. Tunggu dorg abes mmg lambat baru blk.

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