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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Protect Your LIPS!!!

For normal days I MUST drink at least 1.5liter of plain water per day. My body needs a lot of water and of course after that - multiple times of toilet visits. During this cold weather, I need MORE plain water. I have to double the input. I have to drink at least 2 bottles of mineral water (3liter lah kan). Or else mula la bibir ni kering, tekak rasa pedih. Thank God, mineral water here is so cheap! it cost me 1.3 euro for 6 bottles of 1.5liter. Bila dehydration berlaku, it is obviously can be seen through my lips. The internal ‘medication’ for my lips is by taking a plenty of water. How about external protection? Lip balm is my lips's best friend. I have to carry it all the time in everywhere I go. I have bought 2 lip balms from LipIce as the preparation to face this cold season – Apple and Strawberry flavor. But I have lost the strawberry flavor :( I think it has dropped it in the tram. Nasib baik bawak 2. So tinggal la this one flavor, Apple... "Apple, hey apple!! Apple" - Annoying orange
LipIce AppleAlamak, fokus background pulak. Hehehe abaikan jela bground semak tu yea
What I like about this brand are:
  1. it gives the ‘coooolll’ feeling after I apply it on my lips. This is really helpful because when your lips is about to ‘pecah’ you will feel it very hot. This cooling process will able to reduce the pain.
  2. the smell is not longer lasting. Tak de la pening bau bibir sendiri kan since bibir dekat ngan ‘terowong udara’ tu.
P.s: sorry for those grammatical error. pening kepala dah nengok skrin lama sngt T_T

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