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Monday, October 27, 2014

Semester 2 2014/2015 has begun

New semester means more student. More students mean continuously income to our university and staffs.

I cannot believe a month ago we were busy with final examination, marking, and grading.. and today, I am meeting my new students.

This semester I am teaching 2 subjects; Computer Organization (CO) and Parallel Computing. Alhamdulillah both sections for Computer Organization are FULL as usual. While Parallel Computing subject which an elective subject, is expected to have around 5 to 15 students.

This semester marks the 7th semester of my career as a lecturer. I teach CO subject for several semesters, and every semester has its uniqueness. I love to trouble myself by updating the content of the teaching material. It is because, on every semester, I will identify which part that are ambiguous and how to make it understandable. That is what I call, self-satisfaction. 

When preparing the material, I put myself as a student. What that I love and hate to see. However, every material has its flaws. There is always a room for improvement. Either I ignore or I fix it.

Back to the topic. 

Today was super duper ultra busy day for every lecturer. First time meeting students, updating attendance list, meeting with other colleagues that teach the same subject, finalizing the class materials, additional event and many more!

I just have a cup of coffee for breakfast and a very late lunch at COIT cafe downstairs since the day was raining. I am not alone. While waiting for my Nasi Goreng Kampung to be ready, I saw my boss who's about to have his late lunch too.

My morning was filled with first lecture for CO students from section 01 at 9.00am class. The attendance was great! The students was awesome, sporting and energetic! I do really need to catch up with their momentum. I hope their good spirit will last until the rest of their life. Remember, positive people will creates positive surrounding. Shield yourself from any negative influences.

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