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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Name the best food/fruit to describe yourself - OLIVE OIL

Last Friday, I have attended a session for my Diploma in Teaching & Learning. The topic was about Managing Learners - Class Management Part 1.

In one of our knowledge sharing activities, there was a lecturer who’s sharing an ice breaking activity done by her on 1st class session. The activity name is “Name the best food/fruit to describe yourself”. Suddenly…. TaDAAA our current lecturer wants us to play that game too. I was like.. WHATTTT? I cannot even think about it, what is the best food or fruit to describe me. I feel like I dont really know myself.

Then I came with an idea. I know I am an…. OLIVE OIL! During that time, I could not really properly describe myself. But that incident is haunting me until now. I want to tell but I could not find the proper sentences. That is my determination to write this post.

  1. Stand alone and combination. Can be consumed just by itself or can be combined with another meal/drink. The taste is still the same - olive oil. We can mix it with water, it will not going to be dissolved but it is drinkable. I can mix with many people. But to be well dissolved with the new people/environment, it is quite impossible but I am not harming anyone. I will still retain the characteristics as an olive oil.
  2. Full of benefits. Take the bad fat, and kick it out of the body. I am able to fix error made by some people.

(My classmates made some silly similarity which in appropriate for me to share it here)

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