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Friday, October 24, 2014

It smells.. Roses?

Me and my brother have a habit where we will spend our weekend going to some favorite 'port' to buy magazine/book <-- exemption for income tax too! He always with cars magazine, and I am with woman/beauty magazine.

I am a huge fan of Female Magazine. Besides the very useful content (makeup, recipe, skin care), what else can be the reward for the reader? Of course free gifts! I used to get Marc Jacobs and CH miniature perfume, a sample of Kinohimitsu cereal meal and many more. Oh I am trapped!

If you are 'smart working' enough, you may get more when you participates in their quizzes. There are many quizzes provided in this magazine. You just need to register, then yourself on their website, and answer the question.

I am quite lucky for this month which I assume as a birthday gift from Female magazine... 
I won an Anna Sui Makeup Set that worth RM500. 

I have never tried Anna Sui before this because it is quite an exclusive brand. Alhamdulillah, Now I have a chance to use it.

What are the items?

This cute 'flowerish' blusher comes together with this beautiful 'engraved' casing

And presenting the most attractive lipstick and its casing...

It does looks like an ice cream. This patrick-starfish-look-a-like is actually a cream mate lipstick which I never have it before. Plus, it moisturize my super-dry-sensitive-lips too!

With this type of casing, no wonder Anna Sui is an exclusive makeup brand.

I have tried all of them. It does smells like roses. Those who likes English style and roses, this brand may be the perfect choice.

For this time, I try not to jimat-jimat pakai makeup. Because if I do so, endup tak habis pun. Lagi sayang.

This is happening on a right time. My birthday month, and semester is about to begin this Monday! Anna Sui, let's meet the students!

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