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Saturday, January 03, 2015

With the closure of 2014 - accident

Innalillah for the incident. 
Alhamdulillah for no one dies. 

Sunday morning after a long holiday, me and my brother went to The Loaf, Nu Sentral to have our breakfast. From this location, we plan to go to Digital Mall. On our way to Digital Mall, at the Parliament intersection heading Damansara/Jalan Duta there was a Dark Purple Myvi who was in the most left lane changing its lane into my current lane. Then all cars in front including this Bloody Myvi stopped out of suddent. I always create some gap with car in front. I managed to secure from hitting this Myvi but then, I heard 'Bang' from behind of my car. From the side mirror, I saw a motorcyclist was 'tergolek' and trying to get back on his motorcycle. I am so afraid he will be hit by another car or something. My brother asked what is happening. I said we've got hit. I stopped along the road side and let my brother talk to the rider. As far as I can recall, the last time I refer back/side mirror, there was no motorcycle (me on the right lane btw).

Shorten the story, we do not make any police report. We just pay him. I am glad that I am using 'kereta rakyat' Malaysia. The original tail lamp is affordable and the bumper is quite reliable. 

Tail lamp changed, bumper waxed. With the closure of 2014, my car got new eye, and shiny butt.

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