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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Final month for semester 2 2014/2015

Satu lagi semester akan berakhir. Cepatnya masa berlalu. Ketika baru nak menghafal dan mengenali setiap pelajar, hampir pula masa untuk masing-masing teruskan perjalanan di haluan masing-masing. But the thing that I am proud of adalah to see majority students who I teach them masa 1st year 1st sem (2012) and they adalah my first students when I work as a lecturer, now dah di final year final sem. Subhanallah. Another best part adalah they still respect me as a person, as a lecturer (tak kisahlah cerita disebalik tabir if any). Some of them are my current students too - Parallel Computing subject. 

Other than Parallel Computing, I teach Computer Organization subject. Next week, akan ada presentation for their first assignment. I feel nervous for them. I want them to put their efforts on the correct path. I hope they will not going to disappoint me. It is 20% of their carry marks. 

Those who were my students, they know my 'ways'. There is no such thing as make-up or mark-up assessments/quiz. When a must assignment they can just ignore, what do you expect for them to do extra thing that require extra time? 

All the best untuk my students for their assignments and quiz. For CO subject, we have 1 more chapter to go. For Parallel Computing subject, 2 more chapters to go. Wohooo!

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