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Saturday, January 17, 2015

A person who teaches others

  1. Outcome Based Evaluation (Obe) - will be done based on changes /impact to students after completing a course/program.
  2. There are many factors that will influence the result. This result can be influenced by the student themselves, environment, and also trainer/lecturer.
  3. The purpose of teaching and learning is to increase people knowledge that will provide better nation. When a country has people who are knowledgeable, the effects can be seen in terms of standards of living and economy can be increased.
  4. The process of teaching and learning is dynamic. It depends on target audience, tools, and material. 
  5. Teaching Gen Z is different from teaching Gen X. Gen X will find difficulties in teaching Gen Y or Gen Z, while Gen Z finds why Gen X and Gen Y love to make things complicated. To add more, why Gen X loves to talk?
  6. Certain knowledge and information may be stagnant but some of them may evolve rapidly. To deliver these information, the tools and people are main variables. 
  7. Teaching and learning activities are ‘Try and error' experiments that actually use human as the sample. A lecturer may have a complete guideline/plan on what to do. Some analysis should be done throughout the process to identify any problem/changes needed as early as possible. If current method used is not suitable, the lecturer/instructor should be flexible to change into other method.
  8. Generally, we often to look at the final result and grade of our students. But how to ensure the knowledge will really benefit the students?
  9. Obe will be used to evaluate the impact of teaching and learning process. It will not going to solely evaluate the final examination result, but what are the coverage of the questions, and assessments that are used to produce the final grade of a student. 
  10. I admit I cannot memorize each of the words in the slides that I have prepared to teach my students. Then how should I evaluate them and expect they will memorize every words? But I do understand the subject.
  11. Always put yourself in somebody else situation which sometimes we may selfishly think “That is not my problem”. Remember, what goes around comes around.
  12. In the end, we do want our nation consists of individual who has been programmed to memorize and become a follower, or we do want them to think innovative? 

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