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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

How to keep track your parcel – Pos Laju

Last week I have submitted a very important document. Today, I did called the receiver to ensure dah dapat ke belum and how’s the status. And pihak di sana cakap tak terima lagi dokumen yang dihantar minggu lepas. And boleh pulak dorg letak kesalahan pada Pos Laju. So far I have no problem dealing ngan Pos Laju. Barang memang akan sampai on the next day lepas hantar. At 12.30pm, I tried to reach Pos Laju via Posline number: 1-300-300-300. Ok this time agak makes me panas. Recorded voice yg jawab, then terus end call. =.=’ Then I tried to look at Pos Laju’s Website: http://www.poslaju.com.my kot-kot boleh check online. Tada… ada link TRACK AND TRACE.


Just click on the TRACK AND TRACE button, and you will be directed to the page yang allow you to trace your parcel.

The users are required to fill in the text field box on the left with the bar code number stated on the sender’s clip copy. For example: EM01234567MY (You can perform multiple checking – up to 10 numbers at a time)

The details of the parcel’s journey will be listed. And you may also check who’s yang terima parcel tu beserta dengan num IC.


Cool kan?

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