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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ayai & Tuty’s Big Day


14 Jan 2012… Bukan 14 Feb 2012 (yes… last month)…

Lately lama xberblogging sangat sebab laptop problem n busy with so many things. Ok.. back to the wedding. Ayai’s my former bachelor-mate masa di UNITEN. Our age sama. We’re born in 1988. If you all ingat, sebelom ni saya penah post pasal

My 3 good friends are getting married on the same day

As promised, I have attended his reception day. Turun KL semata-mata nak attend his wedding. Kalau tak, nanti putus kawan.. wuuhuhuhuhu T_T and I am honored to be invited :D

Tetamu2 dah di set untuk table yg tertentu. Mine was purple zone num 6. Naseb baik sama dengan Sha (Sha… turun Penang). Dah lama sangat tak meet her. I was arrived quite early (dalam kol 7.30pm) and masa tu tak ramai lagi tetamu and dewan still lengang. Tak kan lah nak duduk sorang2 kan. I have decided to stay outside while waiting for Sha and her parents. Masa stay kat luar tu I saw there are many VIP guests especially from TNB.


Hijab Style: Cara Mudah Lilit Tudung seperti Selendang

Thank you Ikhsan sebab tolong amik picture ni.

We have been set dengan 8 other peoples yang awesome. Thank God that night wasn’t a night mare. The person next to us was Laila Hana and Husband. I can’t remember when was the last time I talked to her but she’s very nice and I love to hear her story about her new baby. The other 5? I don’t know them but they are good.

Around 8.30pm, Here comes the gorgeous bride and groom.


Me and Sha suka sangat dengan baju pengapit tu. Lawa k! and our table position is PERFECT. I love the pelamin and the decorations. It’s simple and sweet but meriah.

During that night, I have meet a few others CS geng; Hanafi and Armi. Both of them dengan pasangan masing-masing.


Hijab Style: Cara Mudah Lilit Tudung seperti Selendang

Finally baru boleh bersemuka dengan pasangan mempelai ni. I keep on saying to ayai – muka dorg seiras. InshaAllah jodoh berpanjangan. anyway ayai, sorry I can’t wait until photo shoot session sebab my parents dah sampai to fetch me.


Hijab Style: Cara Mudah Lilit Tudung seperti Selendang

Congratulations and Thank you so much to Ayai, wife, and family for the warm greeting.

Moga berbahagia sampai syurga.


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