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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sha… turun Penang

Sha? ShaKIRAH?
No No No… She is SHArifah Amalina. This activity terjadi dah lama… June 2011. Tapiiii… I have just found the folder utk upload gambar-gambar.

I am so missed her after a long time tak jumpe. One day, this lovely lady kene outstation. and the best part is the location… Penang! wehoooo! I am so excited to meet her. I was definitely said Yes when she asked me to sleep over. A lot of things to be chatted. During that night, I fetched her from the hotel (island) and we came to main land to taste Mee Udang Sungai Dua.


Sha is always with jus tembikai. Since she was in UNITEN. Remember x sha u penah order tembikai susu (Honey dew) tapi abg tropik bagi tembikai merah + susu. LOL!


Sha’s colleague Eleanor. She’s having Mee Udang tak nak udang. Ganti dengan daging.  She's funny and easy going! Owh yes... she's former UNITEN student!


I was enjoying Nasi Goreng Udang. FEVERET all the time!

After done with our late meal… we went back to the island. I was ‘forcing’ them to enjoy the Penang Bridge because the speed limit on it is 80km/hr (1st half) then 70km/hr. Speed trap people!
Then we reached to this luxury hotel…
Equatorial Penang
I was soooo excited to stay here… even for a night.


This hotel has many wings. We were staying at Executive wing. Far… far… away.


B00413 B00415

See lah how many toiletries they have provided.

B00414 B00416


*chit chat*
Good night peeps!


Bantal yang sangat comfortable.
dah nak kena bangun?


Good morning Penang!
Sha and her friend went to the down stairs to have their breakfast before the event starts. Then she called and asked me to join them.


There was toooooooo many choices! I dont know where to start… plus kenyang lagi dinner semalam.


The best-est meal is this omelet cheese. It is a normal omelet, but i did the customization on the filling;
mozzarella cheese, capsicum, chicken ham, chicken sausage
Sangat sedap and sangat kenyang lepas makan ni.

After I have done with breakfast, I had a morning walk around the hotel + enjoying the scenery.

B00422 B00424

They have a very beautiful swimming pool, fish pond.



This is the track to go around the mini jungle.
What do they have inside?


Mini sungai, Jambatan Gantung
( I almost puke here!)


I am at the peak!

IMAG0643 IMAG0647
Gua, Reflexology

B00426 B00427 

Here is the lobby. How to maintain it?

Done with morning walk… Jalan balik bilik lah.


This is how far is the far


lift’s lobby in executive wing


I cant just jumped into random floor. This card is only valid for the room’s floor. But why do they didnt make it to just slot-in and it will automatically go to the right floor.


Finally I managed to go to the right floor. Thanks sha for replied to my text. Owh pillow sweet pillow.


This is the list of the event that is being held in the hotel. Which one is belongs to Sha? U guess :)
Anyway… I had a great time and experience there. Thanks for inviting me to sleep over and enjoy the accommodation.

Review on Equatorial Hotel Penang (Island) :
This is a great 5 stars hotel. I believe for every cent you pay for the room is really worth it. The location is on top of a hill, near to the Penang Airport and Penang Bridge. In terms of facilities, privacy, safety... All you can get here. I believe you have to stay more than a day to spend all day long with the facilities. Just you, your family and the hotel! 

To sha, please come again!

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